2020 Olympics In Japan To See On-Demand Shooting Stars

Project Sky Canvas in Tokyo, Japan, plans to light up the sky with a large meteor shower.

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What Is It?
You will soon be able to witness a sky full of on-demand shooting stars, a sight sure to instill wonder in all of us, made possible by Japan. How is this feat to be achieved?

Well, space is to be added by a microsatellite full of the tiny balls like particles that will be shot into the sky at a lightning speed to produce a glow that will look like shooting stars to us. The consistency and making of these particles is a heavily guarded secret though.

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What’s More?
Through this technology, one can decide the time and place for a meteor shower to happen! Insane right? We are trying to picture in our heads what it will look like and failing. Guess we gotta keep our eyes peeled for 2020 Olympics! For an in-depth review and working of the system, watch this video.

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Madhusree Chatragadda
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