This Hotel In Canada Has Igloo-Shaped Bed, Space-Themed Room

by Olivia D'Silva
This Hotel In Canada Has Igloo-Shaped Bed, Space-Themed Room

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You can now snuggle in an igloo-themed bed at this hotel in Canada!

What Is It?

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in an igloo, now you can. This hotel room in Canada is not just any hotel room! It features an igloo-shaped bed that will make your dreams come true of living in an igloo.

What Else?

Fantasyland in Edmonton, has dozens of themed rooms with no expense sparred when it comes to detail. The other themed rooms that Fantasyland has helped bring alive are- a ‘space room’ where aspiring astronauts might be interested in. The ceiling and floor is completely covered in stars and neon blue lighting resembling a spaceship. The bed is styled like a spaceship sleeping pod but we promise you, that you won’t have to wear a seat belt before you go to bed at night!

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Another hotel features as a pick-up truck converted into a bed, traffic lights, ‘stop’ sign-patterned carpeting as well as bamboo furniture.

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The hotel also features  as well as a ‘Victorian coach room’ with a bed resembling a horse carriage.

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