21 Railway stations In Kerala Receive ‘Eat Right’ Certificate; Ensure Safe Food And Hygiene

Of 114 railway stations in India, 21 in Kerala receive 'Eat Right Stations' certificate.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
21 Railway stations In Kerala Receive ‘Eat Right’ Certificate; Ensure Safe Food And Hygiene

About 114 railway stations in India have been awarded the prestigious ‘Eat Right Stations’ certifications. Of these, about 21 railway stations are from Kerala, which makes it rank number one of all the states. This recognition is known to be prestigious for any railway station as it highlights their commitment to hygienic and healthy food choices for passengers. 

21 Railway stations In Kerala Receive ‘Eat Right’ Certificate

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Railway stations that follow standards for food storage and hygiene are certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). One percent of railroad stations are given the certificate in total. India has 7349 railway stations (halt stations included). Kerala has a total of 199. 

It is a matter of achievement for Kerala that out of 114 railway stations in India that have been awarded this certification, about 21 are from Kerala. 

The intention is to offer hygienic, nutritious, and safe food. The certification guarantees the use of safe procedures when handling and preparing food. This cap will apply to any catering establishments located in stations, including stalls. 

Water quality, cleanliness, sanitation, pest control, register maintenance, and food item inspection will all be evaluated in order to receive the certificate.

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List Of Stations

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Here is the list of railway stations in Kerala that have received the award.

  1. Tiruchirappalli Railway Station
  2. . Parapanangadi Railway Station
  3. Chalakkudy Railway Station
  4. Thalassery (TLY) Railway Station
  5. Kannur (Can) Railway Station
  6. Palakkad Junction Railway Station
  7. Chengannur Railway Station
  8. Shoranur Junction Railway Station
  9. Tirur Railway Station
  10. Vadakara Railway Station
  11. Changanasseri Railway Station
  12. Alappuzha Railway Station
  13. Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station
  14. Karunagappally Railway Station
  15. Angamali for Kaladi Railway Station
  16. Aluva Railway Station
  17. Tiruvalla Railway Junction
  18. Kottayam Railway Junction
  19. Thrissur Railway Station
  20. Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station
  21. Kollam Railway Station

One of the projects under the FSSAI-led Eat Right India campaign is the Eat Right Railway Station. This initiative aims to ensure that all food vendors at railway stations, including organised catering units, restaurants, and food courts, as well as small vendor kiosks, retail outlets, and booths, follow safe cooking and handling practices when preparing and serving food to staff, officials, and passengers.

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Indicated By 5-Grade

Credits: Indiarail.com

Train stations that set the standard for offering passengers healthy and safe food are granted the ‘Eat Right Station’ certification by the Food Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). After an independent auditing firm appointed by the FSSAI evaluates the station and gives it a grade between one and five, the station is given a certificate.

The station’s complete adherence to ensuring that passengers have access to safe and hygienic meals is indicated by the 5-star rating.

The accreditation is a component of the ‘Eat Right India’ initiative, a broad FSSAI endeavour to revamp the nation’s food system and guarantee sustainable, safe, and nutritious meals for every Indian. 

Eat Right India uses a careful combination of collaborative, regulatory, capacity-building, and empowerment strategies to make sure that our food is good for the environment and for people.

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