27-YO American Woman Has An Unusual Liking For Baby Powder; Eats One Bottle Everyday 

Dreka Martin, a 27-year-old American woman is addicted to eating baby powder.

by Sanjana Shenoy
27-YO American Woman Has An Unusual Liking For Baby Powder; Eats One Bottle Everyday 

Not long ago, we covered a story about an American man who is addicted to tuna. Emptying 15 cans per day, he is addicted to its distinct taste and smell. The man carries tuna cans in his pocket and inhales the smell during the day. Now, in yet another bizarre addiction, a 27-year-old American woman has an affinity for baby powder. She actually eats one bottle every day.

American Woman Is Addicted To Baby Powder; Spends ₹3 Lakh Per Year On It

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A report by The Mirror throws light on Dreka Martin, a 27-year-old woman from New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA. Dreka Martin recently confessed to having a bizarre addiction. She is addicted to not applying but actually eating Johnson’s baby powder. The American woman confessed to the news agency that she splurges a shocking amount of $4,000 (₹3.3 lakh) per year on this product. In fact, she stated to The Mirror that likes to consume a 623g bottle of Johnson’s Aloe & Vitamin E on a daily basis. And what’s surprising is that she prefers eating a bottle of baby powder over normal food.

Dreka Martin continues to consume Johnson’s baby powder despite the brand’s explicit messaging that the product is only meant to be used on the skin and not for ingestion. But the 27-year-old American woman claims that she has not experienced any health or digestive issues due to her unusual eating habit. She attributes baby powder to be a coping mechanism for her. She said it makes her feel happy and good.

Also, the woman confesses to probably suffering from pica. This is an eating disorder which leaves people craving non-food or inedible items.  For long Dreka has kept her unusual addictions, a secret from her friends and family, especially her son. She is afraid that her son might ape her and also want to eat baby powder.

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She Uses It Like A Coping Mechanism

Picture Credits: Canva

Like most addictions, Dreka Martin is also having a hard time calling it quits. While she understands the concerns of her loved ones she finds it difficult to stop. Her addiction was brought to light when her family started noticing an unusual depletion of baby powder bottles at home. Speaking to The Mirror, Dreka said that she loves eating baby powder. And goes on to add that the product tastes exactly how it smells. She calls it a mood-lifter and a coping mechanism. The woman stresses the powerful hold the product has on her where she would choose baby powder over actual food.

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Dreka claims to pack at least three bottles of baby powder when she travels out of the country. If she knows the country won’t have the brand, she’ll want to carry it with her. The woman underwent blood transfusions as doctors diagnosed her cravings for baby powder to be an indication of iron deficiencies. After two of her loved ones passed away, she sought refuge in eating baby powder. Currently, she uses TikTok to create awareness about her bizarre addiction in the hope that others like her, suffering from such issues, find support.

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