Addiction To Chocolate & Ultra-Processed Food Is Much Like Nicotine Addiction Of Smokers: Study

by Shreya Ghosh
Addiction To Chocolate & Ultra-Processed Food Is Much Like Nicotine Addiction Of Smokers: Study

Who doesn’t love to relish ultra-processed food? Many of us try to eat healthy and become health conscious but we often get tempted by all these yummy junk food. In between the hunger and cravings, we end up taking a bite or two and then polish the entire thing. This cycle has trapped so many foodies. You will be shocked to hear that all these foods are not just harmful to our health but might have the potential to get us addicted.

Can You Get Addicted To Ultra-Processed Food?

Ultra-Processed Food
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It might come as a major shock to hear the fact that our favourite and beloved oily and greasy food might be the cause of addiction. A recent study revealed some surprising facts about it. A team of researchers worked on building a scale that helps in tracking people’s addiction to food.

It is quite similar to people’s addiction to alcohol and smoking. With this scale, they determine people’s urge to resist and control the amount of ultra-processed food consumption. This scale also takes a look at everyone’s control over cravings. In fact, there are many who continue binging on all these foods even after knowing the harsh truth of bad effects but still they continue to do so. This scale takes a look at that too.

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Published in the British Medical Journal, researchers revealed some shocking numbers. Do you know that almost 12 per cent of children and 14 per cent of adults have a food addiction? The study also talked about how one-third of people with bariatric surgery have food addiction, according to a report by The Indian Express. Half of the people with binge eating disorder have an addiction to food too.

Why All These Junk Food & Not Ghar Ka Khaana?

Ultra-Processed Food
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The researchers shared that ingredients play a major role in this addiction. All of these are not homemade or readily found in our kitchen. Be it any soft drinks or fried snacks, these ultra-processed foods can make you addicted, as shared in the study. Food items with a high amount of both refined carbohydrates and fats impact the dopamine response in the brain. The high amount of salt, sugar, and additives are also responsible for this food addiction.

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This seems like the perfect answer to questions about why it is always so difficult to stop ourselves from devouring snacks, chocolates, candies, ice cream, biscuits, and many more.

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