In The Last 10 Years, India Witnessed A Rapid Rise In Ultra-Processed Food Sales, Says WHO

Ultra-Processed Food
by Shreya Ghosh

World Health Organisation recently released a report presenting information about the market of ultra-processed food items in India. WHO worked with the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations to release it. The report explains how the sale and consumption of all these unhealthy food has seen a major rise in the past 10 years. And the rise in numbers is indeed a major concern.

The Rapid Surge In Sales Is Scary For The Future

Ultra-Processed Food

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The last 10 years witnessed an increase in all these store-bought food items in a span of the past 10 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic years, the selling of all these food items decreased by a small margin, according to a report by The Times of India. But the sales took a turn after this period. The sales trend shows that the selling of ultra-processed food has only increased. In fact, WHO and Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations noticed a V-shaped recovery of this market after the pandemic.

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The change in numbers reported during the evaluation of sales trends shows how the major dip in sales during the pandemic took an absolute U-turn afterward. The Times of India report shared the change in retail sales value of some ultra-processed food items. Back in 2019, the value of sweets, cakes, and other confections was about 10 per cent. It dropped straight to 1 per cent in 2022. Later in 2021, it showed a major recovery and hit a 9 per cent value.

Ultra-Processed Food Items Are The Reason Behind Many Diseases

Ultra-Processed Food

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Consumption of ultra-processed foods is never a good idea. And indulging in such food items in a major quantity leads to obesity and several diseases as well. The list of ingredients includes artificial sweeteners, colours, and a lot more that are negatively impacting our health. Unfortunately, the sales of ultra-processed food are also increasing the number of people falling sick and getting affected by liver diseases and more.

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The report by World Health Organisation and the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations also reveals that the confections made using sugar and chocolate will hold a major part of this market by 2032. This industry will be dominated by sweets and cakes. In the second position, there will be salty snack items selling in a major number in the market.

It is high time to start taking care of ourselves and putting an end to the consumption of all such foods.

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