Twitter User Shares Pics Of ‘Processed & Unhealthy’ Infant Meal Served By Air India

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares Pics Of ‘Processed & Unhealthy’ Infant Meal Served By Air India

Flight tickets are extremely expensive, especially international ones. And if you are paying a huge sum of money for travelling, you will expect their service and food served should be of high quality. But that is not the case! In fact, many airlines even serve processed food. And if you are a frequent flyer, you might have noticed it! This Twitter user had a similar experiences while travelling by Air India. Take a look at the quality of meals served by Air India.

Processed & Unhealthy Food Served In Air India

Once owned by the Government of India, this airline is now owned by the Tata Group. But, even after the change in ownership, there is a lot of improvement to look forward to. A Twitter user, The Burnt Traveller, had recently travelled by the Tata Group-owned Air India flight and tweeted the experience.

There was a thread of tweets where the user described the experience of travelling by Air India Syd-Del and return flight. The tweets stated that travelling by this flight offered a mediocre experience. The user added that by paying 20 per cent more, he could have availed a better and more family-friendly service with SIA (Singapore Airlines).

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The user had tweeted images of the infant meal served on the flight that included cake, boiled chana, water, packed banana custard and one more item covered in foil. It was claimed that the food was processed, spicy and unhealthy.

No Assistance From Ground Staff!

The tweets further stated that there was no assistance provided from the ground staff — especially the one at Kolkata was amateurish. Moreover, transit at Delhi airport took three hours. That included de-boarding, standing in a queue at the transfer desk and then moving to security and immigration in a different section of T3. However, according to the user, the experience of travelling by Air India was slightly better than Air Asia.

Air India responded to the tweet by stating that the airline authorities apologised for the inconvenience and assured the user that necessary actions will be taken.

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Cover Image Courtesy: The Burnt Traveller/ Twitter & Wikimedia