3 Types Of Visas In UAE That Allow Expats To Live In The Nation Without A Job Or Business

by Deeplata Garde
3 Types Of Visas In UAE That Allow Expats To Live In The Nation Without A Job Or Business

UAE has long been an attraction for the expat population seeking a blend of a high-quality lifestyle, tax-free income, and a diverse cultural milieu. However, a common question arises every time we talk about shifting to the Emirates. Can you live in the UAE without a job or a business? The answer, surprisingly, is a resounding yes. The UAE presents three distinct self-sponsored residence visas, affording immigrants the opportunity to reside in the country sans the confines of traditional employment or entrepreneurship.

Staying in the UAE: 3 Visas for Expats Without Employment or Business

1. Remote Work Visa – A Year of Possibilities

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The Remote Work Visa, usually known as the digital nomad visa, unlocks the UAE as a haven for remote work enthusiasts. Valid for a year, this visa not only permits expats to work remotely within the UAE but also extends the privilege of sponsoring their families.

1. A clean criminal record.
2. Documentation substantiating your employment, such as an employment letter, contract, or evidence of freelance engagements.
3. A monthly income equivalent to or exceeding 12,853 Dirhams.
4. A passport with at least six months of validity.
5. Comprehensive health insurance covering your UAE residency.

2. Real Estate Investor Visa – Choices Between Two and Ten Years

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The Real Estate Investor Visa introduces flexibility based on your real estate investments in the UAE. Your choice determines whether you secure a self-sponsored residence visa for two years or opt for the prestigious Golden Visa, spanning a decade.

A) Two-Year Residence Visa for Real Estate Investors:

For those jointly owning property valued at a minimum of Dh750,000, the Property Investor Visa can be pursued through the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) Cube Center.

B) Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors:

Investors owning property worth Dh2 million or more are eligible for the coveted Golden Visa. The eligibility criteria for securing a Golden Visa via real estate investment encompass the following:

  1. Real estate investors purchasing homes valued at Dh2 million or above.
  2. Investors qualify for a Golden Visa when financing property through select local banks.
  3. Purchasing one or more off-plan properties valued at Dh2 million or more from recognized local real estate firms.

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3. UAE Retirement Visa – A Five-Year Sojourn

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The UAE extends a generous five-year visa option to retirees aged 55 or above. To qualify for a retirement visa, prospective retirees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Attain the age of 55 or older at the time of retirement.
  2. Demonstrate a work history spanning a minimum of 15 years, either within or outside the UAE.

    These visas epitomize the UAE’s commitment to becoming an enticing destination for individuals from diverse backgrounds. They offer expatriates the opportunity to savour life in the UAE without the constraints of traditional employment or business ventures. The UAE’s allure extends to all, beckoning those seeking new horizons and opportunities.

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