32-YO Tourist Bathing In A Canal Near Himachal’s Bhagsu Nag Waterfall Drowned; Was Declared Dead!

by Shreya Rathod
32-YO Tourist Bathing In A Canal Near Himachal’s Bhagsu Nag Waterfall Drowned; Was Declared Dead!

Waterfalls are one of the most enchanting spots in nature and tourists love to visit it. However, the area near these gushing waterfalls is slippery and one wrong move can cost your life! A recent tragic incident has proven to be a shock for everyone. A man from Punjab drowned while bathing in a canal near Bhagsu Nag waterfall in Himachal Pradesh!

32-YO Man Drowned Near Bhagsu Nag Waterfall In Himachal Pradesh!

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Police reported on Sunday that Pawan Kumar, a 32-year-old tourist from Punjabi, died after drowning while taking a dip in a canal next to the Bhagsu Nag waterfall. They continued by saying that the event happened on Saturday when Pawan Kumar was carried away by the strong currents while he was taking a bath next to the waterfall.

ASP Kangra Amit Kumar stated that the tourist and his four companions were enjoying a bath in the canal near the Bhagsu Nag waterfall when suddenly the water level rose and his friend Pawan got washed away. He also told the McLeodganj police about the event on Saturday evening.

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Drowning Incidents In India

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Last month saw the deaths of two men who were on a day picnic with their girlfriends at Mahuli Fort in Shahapur when they perished in the waterfall pool. The deceased were identified as Andhra Pradesh residents, 30-year-old Dhananjaya Gaikwad and Karthik Nagbhushan Reddy, 22-year-old. Their friends who were with them alerted the neighbourhood residents right away. A trained rescue squad from the hamlet intervened and pulled the victims’ bodies from the sea before dusk.

At Mahuli Fort’s waterfall, which is situated at a height of about 2,800 feet, there have been several deadly accidents reported in the past. Rock climbers and trekkers both enjoy the fort.

Another incident took place on July 4th where three picnickers drowned in a body of water in MP’s Dewas district as a group of men stood by and recorded the incident. One of the spectators made one last attempt to rescue the three before running from them as they began to drag him down.

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After that accident, nobody ventured to enter the water.

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