Ranipur Tiger Reserve In Uttar Pradesh Now Becomes The 53rd Tiger Reserve Of India

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by Sushmita Mahanta 250

Did you know Uttar Pradesh’s Ranipur Tiger Reserve has now become the 53rd tiger reserve in India? Well, the news was confirmed on Twitter by Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Bhupender Yadav. Spread across 529.36 sq km, Ranipur Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh has a core area of 230.32 sq km and a buffer area of 299.05 sq km. Read on to know more about this very new 53rd tiger reserve of India that sits proudly in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Is Proud Of Ranipur Tiger Reserve

Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Bhupender Yadav took to Twitter on October 31, 2022 to reveal the news of Ranipur Tiger Reserve becoming the 53rd tiger reserve of India. His tweet reads, “Congratulations all! Happy to inform you that Ranipur Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh has become the 53rd Tiger Reserve of India. Spread over 529.36 sq km (core area 230.32 sq km and buffer area 299.05 sq km), the new tiger reserve will strengthen our tiger conservation efforts.” Take a look:

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About Ranipur Tiger Reserve

Ranipur tiger reserve houses mammals like the megafauna tiger, leopard, bear, spotted deer, sambhar, and chinkara among others. Surrounded by northern tropical dry deciduous forests, this tiger reserve aims to open up doors for eco-tourism in the area. According to the government, the tiger reserve will also create numerous employment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh.

The Tiger Reserve will also become one of the major tourist attractions of the Chitrakoot district in the state. With Ranipur, Uttar Pradesh will have its fourth tiger reserve. This well-planned Tiger reserve is a first in the state’s Bundelkhand region. In September, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet approved the notification of the tiger reserve under Section 38 (v) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972.

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Feature image courtesy – Unsplash