4 Days Left! Here’s A List Of Things To Try Before The 27th Edition Of Global Village Concludes!

by Deeplata Garde
4 Days Left! Here’s A List Of Things To Try Before The 27th Edition Of Global Village Concludes!

Dubai has gazillion attractions and it’s difficult to label just one of them our favourite. But there’s certainly one such annual event that keeps us visiting back for more. Global Village, an outdoor entertainment festival with hints of culture and heritage added to it makes it a power-packed event. And there are only 4 days left for the 27th Edition of Global Village to conclude. Let’s grab the best of the last few days in here.

What Is Exclusive About The 27th Edition Of Global Village?

This annual event never fails to take us by surprise by bringing in new activities to indulge in. With every season, the attractions and pavilions witness a change. When the park opened for its 27th season in October, the Dubai location welcomed the opening of a number of new attractions, including a 660-square-meter House of Fear, a Big Balloon observation experience, a Diggers Lab where kids can pretend to be construction workers, and a movie memorabilia exhibition called Heroes Gallery. This season also saw the opening of an environmentally friendly ice rink.

The Road of Asia, a pedestrian boulevard with 43 booths selling food and goods from nations not represented in the pavilions, was another brand-new addition. Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Philippines are among the 13 places highlighted along the street.

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What To Do In The Last 4 Days?

  1. Start with exploring the pavilions. There are many beautifully created pavilions which have an element to impress you.
  2. Take on the bumpy road as you enjoy the flight of crazy rides present here.
  3. The Global Village is usually lit with fireworks shows on certain occasions.
  4. There are multiple concerts and events happening at Global Village for the last few days left.
  5. House of Fear and diggers lab is a new attraction to visit.
  6. Relish a scrumptious and humungous range of food that belong to different cultures.
  7. Put Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum on your list to visit places at Global Village. There are many new additions that are worth watching.
  8. Conclude the day with shopping for gifts or souvenirs for loved ones.

So before the last curtain falls, go grab a last glimpse of the 27th Edition of Global Village.

Cover Image Courtesy: Global Village