4-Foot-Long Indian Rock Python Climbs 13th Floor Tower In Mumbai’s Ghatkopar, Handed To Forest Dept

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
4-Foot-Long Indian Rock Python Climbs 13th Floor Tower In Mumbai’s Ghatkopar, Handed To Forest Dept

You must have seen videos where animals like cheetahs, leopards, and, very recently, lions are seen walking on the road or trespassing into a building. This list sometimes also includes snakes. Like have you heard about a huge python gliding into a human-occupied building? Well, a 4-foot-long Indian rock python was spotted on the 13th floor, that is the terrace in a tower in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar. 

4-Foot-Long Indian Rock Python Climbs A Tower In Ghatkopar

Credits: Canva

Local animal enthusiasts saved a roughly four-foot-long Indian rock python from Mumbai. The gliding creature had found its way to the grill terrace of a twelve-story skyscraper in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar (west).

The Python was recovered from the Vraj Paradise residential society on Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg in Ghatkopar West. Later, the reptile was sent to Mr Bhoir, Mumbai’s Range Forest Officer (RFO).

The spectacle shocked locals, who were concerned about how the snake managed to ascend such heights.

Soorraj Saha, who works for an IT company in Mumbai, spoke to the Times Of India about the same. As there is construction going on on the terrace, the python was entirely coated in wet cement. To save this large reptile, they quickly notified the state forest department. 

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People Have Become Aware

Credits: Canva

In order to save the python, a protected species of wildlife, Saha further stated that the team of Mumbai range forest officer Rakesh Bhoir had arrived on the scene.

Once the python was seen, no one attempted to hurt it. People are more sensitive to wildlife and are aware it is forbidden to harm or kill snakes, according to Saha. 

According to wildlife specialists, when it rains heavily, pythons and other kinds of reptiles’ natural habitats become flooded, forcing them to seek higher ground.

Additionally, Indian rock pythons are known to be skilled forest climbers. This is because they can effortlessly scale trees and even rock surfaces. (As per The Times Of India)

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva