4 Things You Must Do On Your Next Trip To Hatta

by Dhruv Maniar
4 Things You Must Do On Your Next Trip To Hatta

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Hatta is just an hour drive from Dubai and it’s the perfect spot for mountain bikers, adventurers and nature-lovers. From biking to hiking there are so many activities to do in Hatta. Here are the top 4 activities that you could do.

1. Kayaking 

If you love adventure then you should surely try kayaking at the Hatta Lake. Ride around the pristine waters of the turquoise-hued lake by simply renting a kayak or paddle boats from a kiosk next to the lake. Enjoy your ride while encountering fish and birds. Explore the curved passageways to venture into unseen areas. 

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2. Hiking 

If you love hiking then trek near the border of Oman along the winding paths of the mountains where you will see various sandy patches and sharp rocks. The popular spot is located right behind the Hatta Dam which is one of the largest water bodies in Hatta. 

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3. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore the hills and wadis at Hatta. You can join one of the many groups for weekly rides or explore them by yourself. While riding around the mountains enjoy the lush surroundings and scenic views of Hatta. 

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There is more to Hatta. You can probably capture one of the most naturally beautiful views of the country. You can also explore the Hatta Heritage Village in central town which gives you a glimpse of the traditional Emirati life in historic times. Roam across the village and you will get to see a mosque and two watchtowers from the past. 

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