40 Km Away From Puralia, West Bengal Is Home To Mystical Hills That Are A Paradise For Trekkers & Rock Climbers 

West Bengal is home to the Ayodhya Hills, or Ajodhya Hills, which is known to be a paradise for all trekkers.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
40 Km Away From Puralia, West Bengal Is Home To Mystical Hills That Are A Paradise For Trekkers & Rock Climbers 

What comes to mind when one mentions West Bengal? Temples, delicious food, and its culture. But what else is there? Well, little did you know that this place is home to the Ayodhya Hills, or Ajodhya Hills, which is known to be a paradise for all the rock climbers and trekkers. Surprised? Well, keep reading to learn more. 

Ayodhya Is Home To Mystical Hills 

Ajodhya Hills is a tiny plateau in the Purulia district of West Bengal, India, surrounded by hills. It is the easternmost region of the Eastern Ghats range and the easternmost portion of the Chota Nagpur Plateau.  

According to Hindu mythology, Rama and Sita visited and resided in the Ajodhya Hills during their 14-year-long exile. Ram shot an arrow through the crust of the earth to quench Sita’s thirst, and water spurted out. Sita found her drink, and the location was named Sita-Kunda. Every year on Baisakh’s full moon day, tribal people from the surrounding territories, including Santhal, Bhumij, and Munda, gather to participate in the Disum Sendra, a game of hunting wild animals. 

Purulia is renowned for its verdant canopy, which contrasts well with the mountains’ rough features. People of all ages will love these jungle pathways. The jungle is an ideal place to camp because it contains bodies of water. Ajhaida, a Dravidian word (Ajhai = large, Da = daha), is the source of the word “Ayodhya” (also known as Ajodhya locally). 

Covered In Sal And Segun Forests

The majority of the Ajodhya hills are covered in sal and Segun forests, along with a variety of other flora like betel, neem, mahua, and palash. Numerous creatures, including deer, pigs, foxes, and elephants, can be found living in the sometimes-dense forest.

It is a well-liked location for young climbers to complete their foundational training in rock climbing. Turga Dam, Lake, and the lovely waterfall created by the Bamni River are located close to Ajodhya Hills. The Turga Dam location is an ideal tourist destination where guests can spend the day.

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To trek the Ajodhya Hills, you will need two days. Do not worry, we have a breakdown for you to understand better:

Day 01

Ajodhya hills
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By 7 am, reach Purulia. Ride the SBSTC bus to Sirkabad from Purulia. Travel time is forty minutes. Kishore Bharati Ashram School is where the trail begins. It passes through thick woods of vivid red shimul and palas, which bloom in full in February and March. 

Additionally, a variety of exotic creatures and reptiles call these forests home. Seasonally, herds of elephants migrate into these forests from adjacent jungles. The trail is lined with various waterfalls that enhance its natural beauty. The two main attractions in the Ajodhya Hills are Bamni Falls and Turga Falls. 

You can reach an azure Tarpaniya lake via hiking as well. Along the way, you will also come across a number of tribal settlements inhabited by kind and hospitable people. 

Day 02

Savour the splendour of the Mayur Pahar (Peacock Hills) in the early morning. It’s amazing to see the sun breaking through the thick trees below. Hike to Baghmundi and drive to Purulia; from there, there is a route to get down. 

The Ayodhya Hills’ western entrance is Baghmundi. Its track is a short, easy descent that takes three to four hours to finish. Sita Kunda is located along the route. This is also where you can see Sita’s hair, which is supposed to have become tangled in a sal tree limb. 

There is also a belief that Sita’s footprints can be seen at Sita Chatal. Rock climbers can practice their talents on the rugged cliffs of Baghmundi. 

Gazing ahead, the highest point of the Ayodhya hills, 2,250 feet high, is visible: Gorgaburu. Drive from Purulia to Baghmundi. Take a bus or night train from Purulia to Kolkata early the following morning, as it is the most nearby place. 

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