5 Best-Kept Secrets In Bhatkal, Karnataka That Will Fascinate Every Nature Lover

by Mallika Khurana
5 Best-Kept Secrets In Bhatkal, Karnataka That Will Fascinate Every Nature Lover

Bhatkal is one of Karnataka’s oldest towns. The town, which is about 60 kilometres from Mangalore, boasts of having a colourful past. It is thought to be among the oldest ports in all of India. The town has developed into a popular tourist destination in addition to its historical significance. Along with several breathtaking beaches, Bhatkal is known for being home to many of the most well-known tourist destinations in Karnataka. This post lists a number of places worth visiting in and around Bhatkal if you are passing through and have some free time.

Must-Visit Places In Bhatkal

1. Kadavinakatta Dam

Photo Credits: Justdial/Kadvinakatta Dam

The Venkatapur River is crossed by the Kadavinakatta Dam. The reservoir is located in the Karnataka port city of Bhatkal. The primary goal of the dam’s construction was to provide the town with water on a year-round basis. The dam is currently one of the port town’s main water supply sources.

The lush hills in the area add to the dam’s enchanted beauty. 

2. Hadin Eco Beach

Hadin eco beach
Photo Credits: Twitter/Bhatkaliga

A park-like campus called Hadin Eco Beach is about 5 to 6 kilometres from the highway. You can go for a stroll in the park, visit the beach, relax while taking in the scenery, and then come back. 

3. Nakhuda Beach

Photo Credits: Facebook/Karnataka focus

North of Bhatkal, a nice sea walk is being prepared. Nakhuda Beach offers a view of two islands, making it a stunning view. The scenic beauty of this beach is unmatched. For a calm day at the seaside, you can opt for a visit there.

4. Jali Beach

Jali Beach
Photo Credits: Facebook/ನಮ್ಮ ಭಟ್ಕಳ

Bhatkal Jali Beach in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, is situated close to the well-known Murudeshwar Temple and is one of the state’s most well-liked tourist destinations because of its high visitor traffic. In addition, Bhatkal Beach is surrounded by numerous prestigious and historic temples, making it a perfect getaway location.

5. Nastaar Beach

Photo Credits: Wikimapia

Nastaar is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Bhatkal. The location of the beach is impressive in every manner, with beautiful scenery all around. You can explore this beach for scenic views, lush greens, and clear water.

This beach is also known for hosting regular clean drives.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Bhatkaliga