Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Holiday

by Sneha Pai
Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Holiday

Does The Thought of Packing Give You Nightmares?

Ever gone on a trip and regretted carrying more than what you use? Me too! If you are traveling to your dream destination, packing for it can be a nightmare. This was my story until recently, I discovered packing is super simple with these five super cool packing hacks.

1. Don’t Leave Anything Behind

Now, this is very important! Make a list & strike things twice! First, strike out the things you don’t need. Then strike out those you can buy. Finally, pick half of what you think you need. Check if you have packed everything you need before you leave for and from your destination.


Grab your own printable cheat-sheet from here: Printable Excel Sheet

2. Save Space For More

Roll your clothes to conserve space without wrinkling them. You will thank us when you go shopping there and try to fit those souvenirs and gifts you picked for your loved ones!

Rolling clothes like this will avoid it from wrinkling and save space for more
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3. There is a secret term for packing smart

Three letters-CST: Lighter Clothes on top, Shoes & Toiletries close to the wheels

There is a secret term for packing smart

4. Fresh clothes will remain fresh

Keep your clothes from smelling, carry empty pillow case for dirty laundry and zip-bags for wet clothes.

Fresh clothes will remain fresh!

(Psst… use dryer sheets to keep your clothes fresh)

5. Know When To Buy

Don’t stuff you bag with temporary luggage such as water bottles, biscuits, etc. that is easily available locally. Most hotels provide toiletries and food in their room service. Always a good idea to check so you can carry one bag and reduce the chances of your luggage getting lost, stolen or damaged in transit.

Don't stuff you bag with temporary luggage

Most hotels provide toiletries and food

Bonus Tip!!!

Carry twice the money you THINK you will need. You will thank us later :)


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