5 Best Traditional Bahraini Dishes You Gotta Try At Least Once in Your Life

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Best Traditional Bahraini Dishes You Gotta Try At Least Once in Your Life

Great food makes a great vacation. Well, if you’re planning a trip to the stunning island nation of Bahrain, then let’s help you dive right into the country’s culinary delights. A melting pot of cultures, Bahrain’s traditional cuisine centres around fish, meat, rice and dates. This is the goodness you are in for! Here are dishes you must try at least once in your lifetime. 

5 Best Traditional Bahraini Dishes You Gotta Try

1.Safi Fish With Rice

A must-have dish in Bahrain, Safi with Rice, as the name suggests, is a flavoursome meal that consists of fish and rice. It’s cooked in aromatic Bahraini spices and served with sweetened rice. A comforting dish for any occasion.

2. The Bahraini Madrouba 

Madrouba literally translates to beaten rice. Chicken and rice are cooked together with fried onions, ghee and spices, over a simmering stove for long periods of time. It’s then beaten to a thick consistency. Madrouba exuberates rich flavours. The aromatic dish may remind you of our Desi Khichdi. 

3. Machboos 

The national dish of Bahrain, Machboos is a spiced chicken and rice delicacy. Similar to Biryani, Machboos is a wholesome dish made of basmati rice, tender chicken or lamb meat, slow-cooked with abundant aromatic spices. It’s usually served with a lip-smacking tomato sauce and a bowl of salad. 

4. Harees

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Harees is prepared with tender meat and boiled, cracked and coarsely ground wheat. It’s cooked over long hours and well seasoned with spices. It would remind you of a soothing bowl of porridge that would instantly warm your heart. 

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5. Bahraini Halwa

Bahraini Halwa is the jewel of all desserts in the island nation. The jelly-like halwa is a velvety blend of fragrant rose water, walnuts, saffron and cardamom.

Well, foodies, this was a round-up of some of the best dishes you must try in Bahrain. With this food guide, let nothing stop you from going restaurant hopping in the island nation