5 European Countries That Will Give You Schengen Visa Easily

by Sanmita A
5 European Countries That Will Give You Schengen Visa Easily

The Schengen Visa is obtained by travellers who wish to explore and travel freely within the 26 European countries. The visa id applied for a shorter period, will allow the traveller to stay in the EU countries for a period of at least three months. However, obtaining these visas is a difficult process and needs tons of paperwork. But, there are a few countries that approve Schengen visa quite easily in comparison to others. And , in this post, we will list you the five European countries that will give you the Schengen visa easily.

1. Spain

Spain is one of the best tourist places in the world. And needless to say, if you apply for a visa to this place from India, the rejection rate of your Schengen visa will be pretty low!

2. France

Another country that hosts millions of Indian tourists. That being said, France being a tourist country also has pretty low rejection rates when it comes to obtaining the Schengen visa.

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3. Germany

Another country that boasts of its beauty and art. This country is rich when it comes to its contribution to the artistic and literature world. If you are a scholar, a visit to Germany would surely get you going, and the best part is obtaining a Schengen visa to Germany is easy too.

4. Belgium

A country you should definitely visit and known for its food, and beer. Belgium also has places of great historic and cultural relevance. And, if you really wish to travel to an European country, give Belgium a try. Also, your Schengen visa to this place will be approved easily.

5. Switzerland

One of the countries on the border of Italy, Switzerland too approves the Schengen visa easily. One of the reasons being, this place is also a famous tourist place and has travellers from across the world.

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