5 Fun Facts About Greek Tradition Of Smashing Plates During Meals That’s Picking Up In India

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Fun Facts About Greek Tradition Of Smashing Plates During Meals That’s Picking Up In India

Different kinds of people from different religions following unique traditions live in this world. And it is always a surreal experience to celebrate some joyful moments with people following different traditions. One thing that is popularising so much in India is smashing plates. It is a Greek tradition where the Greeks come together and smash plates after plate. In Mumbai, the restaurant ‘OPA Kipos’ is attracting everyone’s attention as customers get to smash plates and experience this Greek tradition. Do you know the stories of this celebration? If not, read to know all about it.

1. Smashing Plates Is A Famous Tradition Of Greek Weddings

A wedding is always fun with loved ones, lots of food, and beautiful views surrounded by lots of love and warmth. Wedding ceremonies are different in every culture and religion and there is always so much unique to experience and enjoy. Talking about Greek weddings, smashing plates is a popular tradition and the brides and grooms have a gala time while doing it.

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2. ‘Never On Sunday’ Movie Played A Great Role To Popularise Smashing Plates

The beginning of this fun tradition does not have a specific date or year but a movie made it popular and normalise among the masses. The movie is ‘Never On Sunday’ and it had a scene where everyone was smashing plates. This clip really caught everyone’s attention and popularised this tradition. With an increase in its demand, Greeks slowly started using plates of plaster as this is a cheaper alternative and also has rare chances of injury.

3. Sign Of Beginning Of Something Beautiful!

The tradition of smashing plates has a lot of sentiment attached to it. The Greeks smash plates in wedding ceremonies and after the birth of a baby. And the purpose of this tradition is to ward off any evil spirits and energy on a memorable beautiful occasion.

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4. This Is A Symbolic Tradition

Greeks follow this tradition if someone dies as it symbolises their end. They smash plates in the graveyards. This is also an act of mourning.

5. Showing Wealth And Success

There is no specific reason behind the start of this fun tradition. But many people believe that it started to show people’s wealth and prosperity to others during ancient times.