5 Iconic Restaurants In Hyderabad That Have Been In Existence Since Decades

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Iconic Restaurants In Hyderabad That Have Been In Existence Since Decades

As once the world’s only centre for diamond, emerald and natural pearl trade, Hyderabad has earned the nickname The City of Pearls.  The history of Hyderabad is shaped by the Qutub Shahis, Mughals and Nizams and has also influenced the cuisine of the place. Be it Irani chai or Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabad has a treasure of rich food and these restaurants are the oldest and hence guarantee authenticity.

1. Paradise

In the year 1973, Paradise began as a small canteen and restaurant. The place served some of the best Hyderabadi cuisines and small bites with around 100 seats. Today people from far places come to taste the delectable biryani of the place. The place today serves authentic and rich Hyderabadi cuisine at pocket-friendly prices. 

Pic Credits: The Economic Times

2. Hotel Shadab

This place in Hyderabad opened up as a small cafe in 1953 and grew very popular as the best place to have conversations over delightful snacks and Irani tea. Soon the place established itself as a multi-cuisine restaurant and has been awarded many times for its haleem.  Additionally, their nihari, Nizami handi, and biryani are quite popular. 

Pic Credits: Trip Advisor

3. Cafe Niloufer

If you want to relish authentic Hyderabadi breakfast make sure you visit Cafe Niloufer. Tea and bun malai here is probably the best breakfast you can ever have. The place aims to serve the same flavour of tea ever since it began which is why they make their own tea powder keeping in mind the colour and flavour. 

Pic Credits: Trip Advisor

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4. Taj Mahal Hotel At Abids

This iconic restaurant in Hyderabad is about 6 decades old but nothing except a bit of decor has changed. The place serves amazing South Indian food and also the best tea and coffee. When it comes to coffee, they have been buying it from the same vendor for six decades now and the masalas are all made in-house. 

Pic Credits: Trip Advisor

5. Cafe Bahar And Restaurant

The place at first was just a tea and coffee place along with a provisional store. The owners came down from Iran so the authenticity is super guaranteed. The place is always crowded with people and the kitchen here begins at 4 in the morning and runs till midnight. If at all you want a seat make sure to head early. 

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