Hyderabad’s Theme Park For Women And Children Has Kitty Party Area, Open Gym, & More

by Sanmita A
Hyderabad’s Theme Park For Women And Children Has Kitty Party Area, Open Gym, & More

Parks and Open spaces are often unsafe for women and children. But, to create a safe space for movement and freedom, to improve society and health quality, Hyderabad is introducing its first one of a kind themed park, exclusively for women and children. These parks will be exclusively for the use of women and children below the age of 10 and built at Kukatpally Housing Board Colony (KPHB)-Phase 3 and the LB Nagar zone.

Good News For Hyderabad Women

Hyderabad’s themed park is offering dedicated areas for children to play, an open gym, walking pathways, an exclusive space for practising yoga and lastly, another dedicated area for hosting kitty parties.

Most importantly, the municipal corporation authorities informed that there will be ample space for women entrepreneurs as well. This implies that women who run small businesses can put up exhibitions too in a dedicated space.

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Encourage Women And Train Them At This Hyderabad Park

This just doesn’t stop here! The park will also be the centre for women to get together, hold workshops, camps, training sessions and much more. Training sessions will be of different kinds, starting from embroidery, handbag making to other handicraft products.

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Green Cover Will Increase In The Areas

Authorities also believe that with the making of these exclusive parks, the green cover in the city will increase. These two themed parks will have around 200-250 plants in them, which will undoubtedly increase the air quality within the area. The plants will vary from ornamental plants, aromatic, flowering plants and even medicinal plants.

The project will not stop with these two themed parks, but will have another 11 parks coming up in the LB Nagar zone in Hyderabad.

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