5 Indian Street Foods You Should Try At Meena Bazaar In Dubai 


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If you are craving for some Indian street food, we have you covered. Here are top 5 Indian street foods you should try when visiting Meena Bazar. 

1.Pani Puri At Rangoli

The place was opened in 1991 & sells over 100 plates a day. It has that perfect flavor of the pani and crispiness of the puri that is required. This plate of pani puri will cost you AED 9 & each plate serves six puris. The puri is filled with moong, channa & sweet or spicy pani. It’s one of the most loved & famous Indian street food in India. 

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2.Aloo Vada At Farsian Cafeteria 

Try the famous aloo vada sandwich in Dubai style. The sandwich will cost only AED 3 and is filled with potato vada which is then topped with a generous spread of mint chutney & salad. Farisian Cafeteria in Meena Bazaar is known to be one of the oldest & most famous quick-bite shops in Dubai. The cafeteria was started by Mr. Farhad from Iran in 1980 who began selling samosa, falafel & potato vada/tikki. 

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3.Dahi vada At Chaat Station 

The vada is made from soaked lentils which are then deep fried and dunked in creamy yogurt. It will give you a taste of sweet and spicy at the same time with every bite you take. The dish would cost you AED 9 and is just perfect to cool you down in the summers.

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4.Disco Sandwich At Palace Restaurant

Palace Restaurant has been one of the oldest cafeterias in Meena Bazaar. It sells a very unique sandwich named as DISCO Sandwich. The sandwich is grilled and filled with a fresh made omelet, tomatoes and salad. The sandwich will only cost you AED 4. A simple and unique dish that is filled with flavors. 

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5.Dosa At Veg World 

Veg World is one of the famous restaurants not only among the residents but also among tourists. This place serves everything from Indian Chinese to South Indian and fast food. While you are there you should try the soft & crispy dosas as they serve over 22 different varieties. We loved the masala dosa which was crispy and soft.

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