5 Insider Tips To Enjoy A Debt-Free Vacation

by Tushal Kukreja
5 Insider Tips To Enjoy A Debt-Free Vacation

Travelling is an essential part of life and we are not going to let money come in the way of us and the beautiful waterfalls. From booking your tickets in the incognito mode to grabbing right hotel deals at the right time, here are a few insider tips to enjoy a debt-free vacation.

1. Book Early and be Flexible 

Last minute booking is one of the major reason why vacations cost us a fortune, hence plan early and book early. Select your destination well in advance so that you can constantly be on the look out for cheap flights and affordable hotels. Be flexible with your destination selection, it’s okay to see the city life of New York and not the beaches of Hawaii if the tickets to the former are cheaper than to the latter.

Make sure to keep the vacation days and dates flexible, we understand that this can be difficult with fewer paid leaves or with college deadlines, however it could result in saving you a lot of money on your travel and stay.
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2. Go All-Inclusive

Going all inclusive gives you a better idea of your vacation expenses and the budget can be prepared more accurately. The end result of an all inclusive deal is a stress free vacation, unless any hidden costs are involved. Usually such deals are offered on cruise ships which include all meals and on-site entertainment and activities.

If not an all inclusive hotel then look for a hotel that at the very least, offers its guests a free hot breakfast daily. Such deals can help large families in saving up a lot on their meals.

3. Smart Booking

Wanting to save money on your bookings? Then always use the Incognito mode on your browser to book your tickets and amenities. Apparently, the cookies saved on your browser track the number of times you visit the website and hence most of the times you are shown expensive price tickets. Also keep in mind to book your tickets at a time (late at night) when the prices are not surging. Make sure to book a round trip, it is way cheaper than booking two one sided tickets.

Always make your bookings after a thorough research of all the plans available on the web.

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4. Lookout for Hotel Deals

Lounging, with no surprise, is the most costliest component that you’ll spend on when on a vacation. Whether you’re going to Patiala or Paris, accommodation will be the costliest item on the list. Hence be on the lookout for cheap hotel deals on every app possible. If hotels are being a real curse on your budget then resort to staying with friends and families or in academic housing/dorm rooms. Dorm rooms may not be as comfortable as those hotel rooms but you can have an experience of a lifetime by chilling and getting to know the stories of the students/other travelers.
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5.  Cashback & Credit Card Usage

Always be on the lookout for applications and cards that offer you cashback on your flight and hotel bookings. Be on a constant search for promo codes that will help you in getting significant amount of cashbacks. You can take advantage of your available  credit cards before and during your trips, the 30 day credit period can be a huge bone. Some cards also allow you to pay your expenses on EMI and that too without interest, be on the lookout for such cards.
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