5 Kashmiri Meals You MUST Try On Your Next Trip To Pahalgam

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Kashmiri Meals You MUST Try On Your Next Trip To Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a famous hill station and a loved tourist destination in Kashmir. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit this place because of its lush green meadows and pristine clear water. Just as famous as the place for its scenic beauty so is it for its lip-smacking cuisine. Well if you are planning to visit this place, here are 5 Kashmiri dishes you should try. 

1. Rogan Josh 

Rogan Josh is a signature dish of the Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine. Without this dish the list of Kashmiri dishes is incomplete. It is a spicy red lamb-based curry and is widely eaten with Saffron rice. The curry is super flavourful, spicy and a must-try!

Pic Credits: Delish

2. Dum Aloo

Vegetarians love Dum Aloo which is their go-to dish but did you know that this dish is a vegetarian Kashmiri dish? The dish gets its name from the process by which it is made. It is cooked under the pressure or known as dum. The dish is super delicious with various flavours mixed with potato. Some also add dry fruits to it to enhance the taste. 

Pic Credoits: WhiskAffair

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3. Yakhni

Yakhni is a lamb curry with a rich creamy texture. The curry is cooked using curd and that is what adds the thick creamy texture. This dish too prominently is one of the Wazwan cuisines and Kashmiris love it. The magic in the dish comes from the number of spices and curd that goes into its preparation. 

Pic Credits: Swatisani.net

4. Goshtaba

Kashmiri cuisine is filled with non-vegetarian dishes. Gosthaba is a very royal and traditional delicacy in Kashmiri cuisine. A yoghurt gravy is prepared and minced meatballs are added to it. The mix of flavours coming in because of the spice mix and the combination of gravy and meatballs is simply amazing. 

Pic Credits: Ndtv food

5. Modur Pulao

Modur Pulao is not your regular pulao. This pulao is rich in taste because of ingredients like saffron, milk, cinnamon and ghee. Also, the dish is garnished with dry fruits making it richer. If you are someone who loves rice, make sure to try this. 

Pic Credits: KFoods.com

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