Sip Kashmiri Pink Chai In Lucknow Made Using Fan Puff Crumbs

by Sanjana Shenoy
Sip Kashmiri Pink Chai In Lucknow Made Using Fan Puff Crumbs

Sip sinfully good Kashmiri Noon Chai or Pink Tea in Lucknow. A video posted by @yumyumindia, shows a tea vendor serving Noon Chai with a twist. The vendor first adds crushed fan puff in a cup. Then adds a dollop of white butter or fresh cream to it. Finally, he adds noon tea to the cup and gives it a good mix. The tea looks beautiful perfect for Insta-worthy pictures. So, are you ready to have noon tea with a fan puff crumb spin in Lucknow?


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Chowmein Golgappa In Lucknow Shocks The Internet

A viral video uploaded on Instagram by RJ Rohan, @radiokarohan shows a street food vendor in Lucknow preparing Chowmein Golgappa. To prepare this baffling dish, Chef Kandi first takes normal golgappe and adds potatoes, chickpeas, masala and chutneys. It looks and probably tastes just like our regular pani puri. Here’s where the similarities end. He goes on to top the pani puri with chowmein. And if that wasn’t enough, he adds sweet tamarind chutney and curd on the chowmein.

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Chowmein Pani Puri Topped With Tutti-Fruity, Coconut & Coriander

Well, we hope you haven’t barfed yet, because this dish is going to get wackier. After topping the dish with curd, the street vendor sprinkles red and green tutti-fruity, coconut shavings and coriander. He finishes the Chowmein Golgappe with an array of spicy sauces served on the side. And voila! Your Chowmein Golgappe in Lucknow is ready! This viral video shared by the radio jockey and vlogger garnered over 56.5k views and 2000 likes. Netizens commented on the video with disgust and wondered the kind of wacky creations that are getting experimented in the name of food trends. Meanwhile, did you know about Bangalore’s first automatic Pani Puri vending machine?