Delhi’s Dilkhush Burger Wala Makes A Quirky Chowmein Burger And We’re Going Gaga Over It!

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi’s Dilkhush Burger Wala Makes A Quirky Chowmein Burger And We’re Going Gaga Over It!

We’ve already told you about the colourful burgers of Delhi’s Grub Company, but did you know that the city also serves another whacky burger stuffed with zesty Chowmein?  Dilkhush Burger Wala in Tilak Nagar makes this unique snack that is daubed with gooey cheese too. The burger holds a crunchy aloo tikki, tangy chutney and chowmein inside its fluffy bans. Every bite of this Chowmein burger is pure magic, we bet!


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A Burger To Make Your ‘Dil Khush’!

Dilkhush Burger Wala, also known as Dilkhush Chinese Point is a tiny streetside stall in Tilak Nagar that makes this lip-smacking desi burger. The cart opens at around 3:30 PM and dishes out oodles of on-the-go grub options like Chowmein, chilli potato, manchurian and more till 10:30 PM. And this Chowmein Burger is a hit among the locals. The burger is reasonably priced at ₹50 and comes on plate with three kinds of chutneys and mayonnaise.

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The Burger Is Loaded With Veggies, Cheese, Cream And Chowmein

To make the burger, the buns are first sauteed in butter until they turn brownish. They’re then topped with aloo tikki, mayonnaise, hari chutney, sweet chutney, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese slices and onions. The onions are again topped with hari and meethi chutneys and dribbled with Amul cream. Then spicy noodles are placed over these. The upper bun is then put over this tempting bundle. The burger is then topped with more cream, wrapped in foil and served.

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If you’re already drooling over this Chowmein burger, then allow us to tell you, the shop makes Chowmein rolls too. So, the next time you’re hitting up Tilak Nagar, don’t forget to grab these toothsome snacks to pamper the foodie in you.

Address |  Dilkhush Burger Wala – 11/23 A, Near Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Tilak Nagar