5 Lighthouses In India You Have To Visit For Some Dazzling And Endless Views Of The Vast Beyond

Many lighthouses are painted differently so it is easier to recognize spots during sunlight hours.

by Ankita Mazumdar
5 Lighthouses In India You Have To Visit For Some Dazzling And Endless Views Of The Vast Beyond

Did you know that lighthouses are a tourist attraction as well? Over the years it has become a touristy thing but the actual reason for the existence of lighthouses is for the maritime industry. It emits a strong light through lamps or lenses during the dark hours as the oceans or seas become a very dark place to be for miles and miles. That is when lighthouses come to help the maritime and serve as a guide for navigation. Guess what, these are open to the public as well. Check out some of them in India.

Visit These 5 Lighthouses In India To Experience Endless Views

1. Vizhinjam Lighthouse, Kerala

It is known for its beautiful and vibrant white and red bands and can be strikingly seen from afar at Kovalam Beach. It is 35 metres tall and is on the top of Kurukal hillock. The place is immensely pretty with lush tall trees, rocky hills and waves constantly splashing against the rocky terrain. Thus making it a suitable place for picnics. These aesthetics give way to an incredible and picturesque view from the lighthouse. You can go to the top for free using a spiral staircase. 

2. Fort Aguada Lighthouse, Goa

One of the oldest lighthouses of India is this white-coloured cylindrical lighthouse of Fort Aguada, goa. It is said to be a 17th-century structure made by the Portuguese. It is there on the fort itself, you don’t have to visit it separately. On that note, you cannot visit inside the lighthouse but the fort in itself is a dream location. It is one of the most romantic spots in Goa, so head over with your lover while the salty breeze and the gorgeous views sway you away!

3. Dwarka Lighthouse, Gujarat

Another timeless lighthouse of India is in Dwarka’s Rupen Creek in Gujarat. It was built in the 19th century and still stands tall. We are not punning here, it is what it is. This one stands out from all the other lighthouses of Gujarat because of its shape. Yes, it is not a typical cylindrical one, rather it is shaped cubical! Also, we have to let you know that it is white and black in colour which is such stunning scenery along the blue waters. Picture perfect!

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4. Mahabalipuram Lighthouse, Tamil Nadu

Okay, so you don’t expect every lighthouse to be just near the waters, right? Then this one lighthouse of India is perfect for you. It’s an old lighthouse constructed back in colonial times and was opened for tourists in 2011. This is not a functioning lighthouse but tourists can go inside for a minimum fee and see the city views, lush greens and blue waters from here.

5. Kaup Beach Lighthouse, Karnataka

Kaup Beach is not that popular and you will find it to be quite peaceful. This one is situated in the middle of the beach and looks so pretty with the natural wonders in the background. The waves splashing, the winds blowing and the clear blue skies against the black and white structure is a magnificent sight! You have to take about 100 steps of stairs to reach the top and enjoy the incredible views of the Arabian Sea.

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Which view is the best one out of all these lighthouses? Let us know!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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