You Can Rent An Entire Island With Lighthouse On Airbnb In Scotland’s Skye And Live The Dream Life

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Ever thought of disconnecting from the real world with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and staying on an island? Admit it, we all have! Having the entire island to yourself, with no one to bother you and, oh, a lighthouse, could be purely the cherry on the cake. Well, now you can actually rent an entire island with a lighthouse on Airbnb in Scotland’s Skye. 

Rent An Entire Island With Lighthouse On Airbnb In Scotland’s Skye

Credits: Airbnb

Off Skye, on a private island close to the coast, sits the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage. The cottage has four king-sized bedrooms that can sleep up to eight people. It is the most perfect location where you can experience the hidden, enchanted Skye of your dreams. 

Guests can arrive by private boat to their own little sanctuary of calm, where they can stay and unwind and observe the wildlife and the waves. 

Credits: Airbnb

The cottage is well-appointed and attractively decorated with high-quality fixtures and fittings, making it an excellent retreat for celebrating with friends, couples, or families.

Every room is tastefully designed, and each bedroom has its own bathroom. Guests can rest and eat in a charming living room and dining room. Their well-equipped kitchen overlooks the neighbouring village of Isleornsay.

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Little Haven Of Peace

Credits: Airbnb

Not to forget, one of the main attractions, the island also offers you a lighthouse for you to witness the beauty of the entire landscape. The cost per night to stay here is ₹68,606.

The Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage’s owners refer to it as a little haven of tranquillity, where you can slow down, relax, and watch the waves and wildlife. 

Previous visitors to the island have called it “a truly magical and unique place,” “an adventure for those who want something different and to feel alive,” and “an utterly singular otherworldly experience.”

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Cover Image Courtesy: Airbnb