Lakshadweep’s Minicoy Lighthouse, A 300-Ft Tower Offering 360° Views Of The Arabian Sea

Discover a fusion of colonial charm and modern technology in this must-see destination.

by Mallika Khurana
Lakshadweep’s Minicoy Lighthouse, A 300-Ft Tower Offering 360° Views Of The Arabian Sea

Step onto the sun-kissed shores of the Minicoy Islands in Lakshadweep, and there, rising proudly like a sentinel of time and beauty, stands the magnificent Minicoy Lighthouse. A testament to history and architectural elegance, this towering structure is steeped in British legacy. Now, it calls you to explore its heights and witness an unparalleled view that whispers tales of an ancient sea and the secrets it holds. 

Minicoy Lighthouse, Lakshadweep’s Tallest Tower

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Constructed in 1885 during the British colonial era, this architectural marvel evokes a sense of grandeur reminiscent of that period. Rising proudly to a height of 300 feet, the lighthouse is also known as the South Side Lighthouse. It also casts its majestic shadow over the island’s landscape. Its location at the southern tip offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the surrounding Virgin Island, the enchanting Lakshadweep archipelago, and the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. Even imaging that view hints at the gloriousness that awaits us. The breathtaking view from atop the tower is an experience that will certainly remain etched in our memories. 

Initially designed by the esteemed Sir James Douglass, the tower was assembled using bricks imported from London. Yes, you got that right! Over the years, it has been equipped with cutting-edge technology, including electrification and an automatic system of flashing mirrors that illuminate the surroundings every 15 seconds. These elements certainly added to the mystique of this tower in Lakshadweep.

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From London’s Bricks To Lakshadweep’s Shore

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The evolution of the Minicoy Lighthouse’s lighting system is equally fascinating. This progression enhanced its luminosity, allowing its powerful flash to be visible from an impressive 40 nautical miles away. A visit to this iconic landmark not only offers a glimpse into its rich history but also provides an opportunity to ascend its winding staircase, which comprises 216 steps. This staircase leads adventurers to the top, where a stunning vista awaits. The view of endless azure will certainly make every step taken worth the effort.

Truly, the Minicoy Lighthouse is a must-visit destination for travellers exploring the wonders of Lakshadweep. Its historical significance and unparalleled panoramic views certainly make it an indispensable gem.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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