More Than A Regular Cafe, This 3-Storeyed Haunt In Versova Has A Library Cafe, Rooftop Vibes & More

Explore a menu curated by visionary chefs, highlighting fresh flavours and sustainability.

by Mallika Khurana
More Than A Regular Cafe, This 3-Storeyed Haunt In Versova Has A Library Cafe, Rooftop Vibes & More

Mumbai certainly doesn’t have any shortage of restaurants and cafes dishing out everything yummy under the sun. However, few manage to give you a gourmet and home-like feel in a single bite. Mastering this skill, Shelter by Javaphile has come to town, all set to become your go-to spot for a chill evening with your pals. This three-story culinary haven redefines the conventional, standing tall as a sanctuary where souls unite. And of course, the magic of exceptional coffee makes it better.

Discover Shelter By Javaphile In Versova

At Shelter, the culinary delights are perfectly crafted by Head Chef Soumojit Sinha and Head Pastry Chef Ameek Kaur. Their menu transcends tradition and offers a tantalising array of breakfast delights. From nourishing bowls and wood-fired pizzas to delectable desserts, every plate will keep you coming back for more. From Beetroot Thecha Toast to Tiramisu French Toast, Miso Salmon Bowl to Burrata Shroom Burger, and delish desserts, Shelter tantalises taste buds with innovation and finesse.

But Shelter isn’t just about the food; it’s a conscious ode to sustainability. Chef Soumojit and Chef Ameek stay true to their commitment to mindful consumption. They even transform leftovers into culinary marvels like the Sourdough Poha; fascinating, right? This ethos not only elevates the dining experience but also underscores Shelter’s dedication to responsible practices. It truly adds depth and purpose to every dish.

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A Haven Of Fresh Flavours And Rooftop Revelry

Designed by the visionary Lila Sarin under the tutelage of acclaimed interior designer Ashiesh Shah, Shelter’s vibe reflects the community warmth it stands for. The ground floor buzzes with a live pizza counter and bakery, teasing the senses with aromatic delights. The Library Cafe on the second floor offers a serene retreat. Adorned with natural light and thoughtful architecture, it invites you to lose yourself in books, conversations and deliciousness.

Heading to the rooftop reveals a picturesque oasis. A woven canopy and greenery frame sweeping views of the ocean by day and transforms into a versatile entertainment hotspot by night. Movie screenings, stand-up comedy, artist showcases – the rooftop at Shelter pulsates with the vibrant spirit of Versova’s entertainment culture. What more could we really ask for?

This is Shelter by Javaphile, a three-story sanctuary, redefining culinary delight!

Where: Opposite Dariya Mahal, JP Rd, Jeet Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai
When: 8 am – 11 pm
Cost: ₹1000 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release and Suren Joshi/Instagram

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