5 Mango Delights You MUST Try In Dubai This Summer

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Mango Delights You MUST Try In Dubai This Summer

The mango season is here and some of the best restaurants in Dubai have welcomed a menu exclusively themed around the king of fruits.

Check out some of the best mango dishes that would make you lose your heart!

1. Mango Gulkand Malpua – Rajdhani

This melt-in-the-mouth sweet dish called Malpua, infused with the extra goodness of mangoes and gulkand(rose petals) is one of the star items on Rajdhani’s ‘Aamilicious’ menu. Also try the Mango Sabudhana Kheer!

Credits: Rajdhani Facebook

2. Mango Pizza At Quattro

Ever imagined a twist to this infamous Italian dish we have loved? Quattro brings an ultra delightful creation with Mango Pizza! Their Mangoficient menu is filled with recreations that would leave us drooling for more.

Credits: Quattro Facebook

3. Mango Bubbling Kulfi At SpiceKlub

Everything tastes better with Mango, even Kulfi! SpiceKlub has been infamous for their molecular gastronomy- and this is, without a doubt, one of the most delectable creations. Check out the Mango Bubbling Kulfi that’s a delight to the eyes, heart and everything else.

Credits: SpiceKlub Facebook

4. Mango Infused Rasmalai At My Govindas

Rasmalai, a cult favourite among Indian sweets just got a mangolicious twist! Soaked in Malai and Mangoes and topped with a generous amount of nuts and saffron, this royal dessert is a part of the Mango Festival at My Govindas. Want to try something homemade? This is just where you must head!

Credits: Govindas Facebook

5. Textures of Mango, Tresind Dubai

Creating fine dining excellence in Indian food, Tresind has been garnering quite the love since a while. While they do not have a Mango themed menu, this dessert recreation deserves a mention of its own. Infused with the goodness of mango, this is a happy meal for anyone who indulges in it.