5 Perks Of Staying In A Local Kath-Kuni Style Home In Himachal

by Sushmita Mahanta
5 Perks Of Staying In A Local Kath-Kuni Style Home In Himachal

Did you know residents of Himachal are still preserving vernacular architecture in the region? The exquisite Kath-Kuni (traditional Himachali wood and stone) houses, set against the snow-capped peaks are proof of the same!
Kath-Kuni is an indigenous construction technique prevalent in Himachal Pradesh, a mountainous State located in Northern India. And the Himachalis often prefer staying in Kath-Kunis to modern concrete buildings.
Read on to know more about the perks of staying in a local Kath-Kuni-style house in Himachal.

1. Kath-Kuni Homes Provide Excellent Heat Insulation

It’s no secret that winters in Himachal are extremely unforgiving. During the winter season, residents staying in concrete houses suffer a lot from the weather conditions. These houses cannot contain the cold and the residents end up buying expensive heating arrangements. Staying in Kath-Kuni houses will provide you with excellent heat insulation. These houses have thick double walls that retain heat and the mud plaster allows free movement of air.

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2. Materials Are Locally Available

The Kath-Kuni homes are built using traditional techniques. Alternating layers of long thick wooden logs and stone masonry are used for these structures. The layers are usually held in place without using mortar.

The primary materials used for the Kath-Kuni homes like stone, wood, and slate are easily available in local regions of Himachal. A 100-year-old rustic Himachali House known as Rabbit House in Sainj now serves guests authentic local stay, food, and experiences.

3. Kath-Kuni Houses In Himachal Are Environment-Friendly

Want to stay in an environment-friendly abode? Well, Himachal has a lot of those! The popular Kath-Kuni homes in Himachal Pradesh are sustainable and environmentally friendly. These houses are specifically made keeping the seismic activity and topography in mind.

The cosy Kath-Kunis is all about native materials and a sustainable cultural landscape. The Dreamy House of Lights – Cottage & Homestay in the hills of Solan in Himachal offers an authentic experience of the traditional Kath-Kuni homes.

4. Mitigates Earthquakes

The traditionally built Kath-Kuni homes stand on a high solid plinth, made up of dry-dressed stone masonry. This huge mass acts as a dampener pad to the earthquake forces. The dry construction of these homes allows for vibration and thus dissipation of the energy becomes faster.


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The layers of wood and stone cage are constructed with rubble in between. This allows the Kath-Kunis to flex with seismic waves and quickly mitigate earthquakes. Himachal’s Sainj Valley is home to one of the most beautiful Kath-Kuni homestays known as Shan E Ghar Homes.

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5. Storage

In Himachal, the major occupation turns out to be agriculture. Hence, storage is a very important aspect of the homes of the local residents, mostly the farmers. The Kathi-Kuni houses are built in such a way that they allow many compartments for the storage of grains. These homes also have separate cow-shed units which help the locals in maintaining their production assets. If you are craving to stay in a rustic 100-year-old Kath-kuni homestay with dogs, visit Seize The Time homestay in Old Manali.


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Now that you know the perks of these traditional local abodes in Himachal, do tell us in the comment section below if you are planning to stay on one in Himachal!

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