5 Places In Delhi That Serves The Best Fries

by Angel Srivastava
5 Places In Delhi That Serves The Best Fries

Fries before guys should be an official anthem! French Fries really is the perfect food. It’s strips of potatoes that’s fried into deliciousness. We can gorge up on endless amount of fries while simply catching up with our friends.

If you are someone who is very picky  and particular about the taste, texture, and the crispiness of your fries, and are still hunting for that place that serves the perfect french fries, then here is a list of 5 places in Delhi that serves some of the best fries in the city.

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1. Big Fat Sandwich

Known for their huge fulfilling sandwiches, and creamy cold coffee, people often miss out on the awesomeness that are their fries. The Big Fat Sandwich offers the most amazing and flavorful Cheese fries. The fries have the flavor of jalapenos, topped with a load of molten cheese, and and served with Mint and Wasabi Mayo dips. The portion of fries is also plentiful and is certain to serve you with a burst of flavours in your mouth.

2. Johnny Rockets

Long slice of fries with melted cheddar cheese: could there be something more heavenly than that? One has to visit Johnny Rockets to experience the Johnny Rockets Cheesy Fries that we are talking about. You can also try their Chilli Chicken Fries, Bacon Cheese Fries, Masala Fries and the classic American Fries too as all of their menu offerings are simply outstanding.

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3. SoHo Bistro and Cafe

SoHo Bistro and  Cafe in Saidulajab, Saket id a quaint little cafe that is a place to hangout with your squad. This Insta-worthy cafe is known for their wood oven pizzas, but the hidden gem that steals our heart everytime are their crispy peri peri fries. These spicy fries, served with delicious jalapeno dip is everything we seek for on a Saturday brunch with the girls.

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4. Smoke House Delhi

One of the most happening and Delhi’s beloved, Smoke House Delhi offers us mouth-watering dishes. The place has quirky interiors with stunning wall art made from a black marker over white walls and gives a very cosy feeling. There are many things that we love about this place and their fries are one of them. They are crisp, hot and melt in your mouth. We are always up for their fries.

5. Blue Tokai

None of us is oblivious to the fact the Blue Tokai serves some of the best coffee all across India. But a very few of us are aware that the coffee roasters also serve the best Garlic Fries you’ll ever get your hands on. These flavourful fries are loaded with garlic, and are not at all spicy. It is the perfect side dish to dig into with your cold brew.

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