5 Places UAE Residents Can Travel Amid Schengen Visa Delay

by Deeplata Garde
5 Places UAE Residents Can Travel Amid Schengen Visa Delay

The UAE tourists are suffering due to the delay in the Schengen visas. And the suffering will continue till September end. Applying for your Schengen Visa is going to be of no use now. But there is a list of countries where UAE residents can travel without this visa. Here’s the list of countries that you can visit immediately without any delays.

5 Places Where UAE Residents Can Visit Without Schengen Visa


Others in the tourism business claim to have observed a rise in tourists visiting Eastern European nations that offer visas on arrival. Singapore is another fantastic choice for UAE citizens due to its simple visa requirements. Therefore, if you want to travel to Singapore, you can completely avoid asking for a Schengen visa.


Dubai is only 3.5 hours away from Georgia. So now you are aware that travelling takes up time that could be better spent visiting and exploring the nation. Its reasonable airfares and free on-arrival visa are further factors that contribute to its convenience. Yes! UAE citizens are granted a free 90-day Visit Visa to travel around the nation. This guarantees that you can visit Europe on a little budget as a result.


The tiny nation that sits midway between Eastern Europe and Western Asia appears to be a top travel destination for travellers. Although Azerbaijan’s tourist industry is generally underappreciated, the government has been very interested in promoting it.


One of the world’s ancient cultures, Egypt had united empires as early as 3000 BC, during the reign of the Pharaohs. The nation connects northeast Africa to the Middle East and is home to historic structures dating back thousands of years, including the massive Pyramids of Giza (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), the Sphinx, and ancient tombs covered in hieroglyphs.

To visit these stunning ancient ruins, the majority of visitors must have an Egypt visa, though. Fortunately, the Egyptian government has simplified the visa application procedure for many. However, Emirati citizens wouldn’t need a Schengen visa to travel.


Now is your time to travel to Turkey and experience its fascinating history. With breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture Turkey has it all. Tourists from UAE are allowed to enter the country without having a Schengen visa. So, assemble your loved ones and begin making travel arrangements for your long-awaited trip to Turkey!

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