5 Reasons Why Georgia Has To Be On Your Travel List

by Saniya
5 Reasons Why Georgia Has To Be On Your Travel List

Located at the European borders to Asia, Georgia is home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches.  Its capital, Tbilisi, is world-renowned for its diverse architecture. It’s cobblestone streets in the old town make it popular too! It’s fast becoming a popular choice for UAE residents. And, here is why Georgia should be on your bucket list as well.

1. Cheap & Visa-Free Travel

(Source: Georgia and Travel)

Georgia is a mere 3.5 hours away from Dubai. So you know you can spend more time sightseeing and exploring the country rather than expending the time to travel. Additionally, what makes it so convenient is its affordable fares as well as free on arrival visa. Yes! UAE residents get a 90-day free Visit Visa to explore the country. Consequently, this ensures you can travel to Europe on a tight budget too.

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2. Historical Sights At Tbilisi

Visit Tbilisi from Dubai
Tbilisi, Georgia (Source: Georgia and Travel Facebook)

The capital of Georgia – Tbilisi is a cradle of historic European architecture and culture. So you get to experience the cobblestone houses and buildings and spectacular castles. Moreover, there are medieval-styled cathedrals that are a sight to behold. It is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral at Mtskheta. The settings look straight out of a picturesque painting and we sure as hell want to visit it asap!

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3. Experience The Countryside’s Natural Beauty

Visit Georgia Countryside from UAE
Georgia Countryside (Source: Georgia and Travel Facebook)

The countryside is nature in its natural beauty in abundance. From lush green mountains with snowcapped peaks, canyons and therapeutic springs, Gadauri and other country regions are sheer visual beauties that you must experience. Georgia brings the best of Europe with this one to Dubai folks at affordable rates.

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4. Experience Snowy Winters

Ski in Georgia
Skiing (Source: Georgia and Travel Facebook)

You haven’t experienced Winters if you haven’t seen the snow. And Georgia is your easiest haven to get a glimpse of the winter snowfall. Take advantage of its snowy winters, and engage in winter sports like Skiing or the many other winter sports available in the country!

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5. Great Cuisine

Georgian cuisine
Georgian Food (source: Georgia and Travel Facebook)

Georgia is home to a multitude of delicious local foods. From dumpling-like Khinkali to a pizza-esque khachapuri, there is a lot to dig into. It also has a good collection of Halal restaurants in Tbilisi for folks with food preferences. So Georgia ticks all the boxes that you are looking for in a perfect vacation.