5 Reasons You Just Cannot Miss The Amazing Thailand Festival Coming To Mumbai This March! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Reasons You Just Cannot Miss The Amazing Thailand Festival Coming To Mumbai This March! 

Say the word ‘vacation.’ What is the image that pops into your head almost immediately? Sunshine, loungers on a white sand beach, swimming in blue waters, relishing delicacies and cocktails, exploring lush greens, and relaxing! Did you think of these too? Well Done! You’ve been dreaming about Thailand all along! We’ll have you know there’s way more to this amazing destination than what meets the eye, and you get to experience it all right here in MUMBAI! 

Don’t Miss The Amazing Thailand Festival In Mumbai From 24 – 26 March at Jio World Drive, BKC! 

Enjoy Curated Thai Experiences At Jio World Drive At BKC

The Tourism Authority of Thailand in India is bringing exclusive curated Thai experiences to the Jio World Drive at BKC from March 24 – 26. This is a three-day extravaganza you cannot miss! It’s for you who have been chasing a good Green Thai curry and Mango Sticky Rice dessert across the city. It’s for you, who has been dreaming of a destination wedding against azure blue skies. Or for you who deserve to unwind and run free in the lush wilderness of Thailand, and for you who love the thrill of Muay Thai! 

5 Reasons You Mustn’t Miss Out On The Amazing Thailand Festival

The Amazing Thailand Festival is packing a lot of Thainess for you to explore, and here are five reasons why you cannot miss the Amazing Thailand Festival!

1. Food

Thailand’s gastronomy scene brings foodies from across the world! People, chefs, and culinary experts swear by the spices of Thai food and the delicious flavours it offers. From the balancing act of Som Tum Salad and Tom Yum Soup to the world-famous Massaman Curry and glorious desserts- you get to indulge in incredible Thai delicacies. Get a taste of Bangkok’s street food and sample the finest seafood dishes of Thailand! Shop for famous spices and curry pastes and dive into sweet, sour, salt, spice, and everything nice at the Amazing Thailand Festival.

2. Fashion

Thai fashion, its accessories, and textiles are not just fads but iconic globally. Thai fashion is deeply rooted in Thai culture and heritage, and you get to experience this unique and colourful exhibit at the Amazing Thailand Festival. 

Yes, it is shopping time indeed! Thailand’s best in fashion is a culmination of several cultural influences from Chinese, Malay, and Khmer. Today the world celebrates these hand-woven fabrics, patterns, and designs. 

Discover the handiwork of highly-skilled silk weavers from Isaan, fabrics made from mulberry, and intricate golden and silver embroidery in fabrics. From Thai silk and silver jewellery to Indigo tie and dye cotton clothing, explore the entire range of authentic textiles and Thai fashion on display for three days!

3. Films

Do you know what the movie Beach, Ready, Mortal Kombat, Bridget Jones, and Fast and Furious have in common? Each of them has at least one epic scene filmed in the outstanding beauty of Thailand, if not the whole movie! 

Thailand’s oceans, islands, jungles, and even the cityscape are backdrops to innumerable movies in the cinematic universe. There is a reason Khao Phing Kan Island in Phang Nga Bay in Phuket is called James Bond Island! It has become a must-visit on every tourist’s itinerary. Who wouldn’t want to take that iconic waterfall jump from The Beach movie in Khao Yai National Park? Discover all these

remarkable destinations and learn all about their beauty at the Amazing Thailand festival on all three days. 

If you’re that bride and groom aiming for the most amazing wedding footage for your destination wedding, we’re hinting at you! Catch all the movies at the festival to find your favourite Thai destination.

4. Festival

Amazing Thailand Festival 

Thailand and India are incredibly similar – they share a common heritage. It is probably why you’ll find Thai people revere Ganesha and Hanuman with many dedicated temples and organise several live shows of Ramayana. But, the one big thing both cultures absolutely love is their festivals! 

Thailand celebrates festivals all through the year, owing to its diversity and natural beauty. Harvest festivals, festivals that honour flora and fauna, religious festivals, and more. The Amazing Thailand Festival will celebrate and bring you an experience of these fun festivals. Come and experience Thailand’s most iconic festivals like Songkran, Loi Krathong, and more!

5. Fight

Amazing Thailand Festival 

When a martial art has the word Thai as part of it, you know it is unmistakably a national sport of that country! Muay Thai is no easy martial art either. Legends of this ancient art train for years to perfect their fighting skills and compete on several levels to be the best. 

Can you imagine meeting real champions and live Muay Thai shows right here in front of you? Watch live demos and get a chance to meet some renowned Muay Thai fighters at The Amazing Thailand festival. If you’re up for it, you can even learn a lesson and duel with the experts!

There’s No Missing All These Amazing Thai Experiences! 

All this sounds super exciting! It’s three days of ultimate Thai food, films, festivals, fashion, and fights! We don’t think you would want to miss all this action here in Mumbai. The entry is absolutely free! Walk into Jio World Drive, BKC, from 24 – 26 March to experience the Amazing Thailand Festival!