5 Restaurants For Fingerlicious Kerala Food In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Restaurants For Fingerlicious Kerala Food In Dubai

Are you a sucker for Kerala food? From aromatic coconut gravies to cottony-soft appams, here are restaurants that serve authentic Kerala meals in Dubai.

1. Tamarind Terrace

Tamarind Terrace, a relatively new entrant in town is a go-to for authentic Malabar cuisine specialized in meat and rice dishes. Tamarind Terrace goes an extra mile in serving a plethora of flavours that are not only delicious – but heavily inspired by the cult favourites at extremely affordable prices, be it the fluffy appams or the piping hot curries.

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Location – Karama

Curly Tales Recommends – Chakka Manga Mulaggu Sarbat (AED 14)

Cost for Two – AED 90

2. Lallumma’s Restaurant

Good Kerala food with a touch of love- this homely concept brews some of the best cult dishes from the Malabar diaspora be it the soft pathiris or the seafood delicacies – they are simply irresistible leaving you wanting for more with every bite.

Heads up – They have an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet on Friday mornings for just AED 18.

Location – Al Qusais, Dubai

Curly Tales Recommends – Ghee Rice with Mutton Stew (AED 9 and AED 21)

Cost for Two – AED 70

Credits: Lallumma’s Restaurant Facebook

3. Dhe Puttu

Puttu, the lesser known staple food from Kerala is given the twist no one saw coming. Combined with a plethora of flavours – Dhe Puttu serves more than 20 varieties of flavours in sweet, savoury and more. The unique concept has earned them a lot of popularity since its opening.

Location – Karama

Curly Tales Recommends – Mutton Biryani Puttu – The best of both worlds

Cost for Two – AED 50

Credits: Dhe Puttu Facebook

4. Thakkaaram

If you are looking for true blue Kerala food, no bull – this is where you need to be. This lesser known spot has been garnering a fanbase for serving some of the most mouth-watering delicacies. Indulge in their seafood menu that is not only spicy but gives you a satisfied appetite for days.

Location – Al Garhoud

Curly Tales Recommends – Kanthari Tawa Fish (AED 25)

Cost for Two – AED 80 

Credits: Thakkaaram Facebook

5. Calicut Paragon

If you’re a Dubai kid, there’s a likely chance you would have seen the crowd pile up at this place every Friday. Calicut Paragon has won accolades over the years for being the best in churning the most authentic, delicious Kerala food over the years. You cannot help but lose your heart to their biryanis, endless seafood menu and of course, the infamous Sulaimani.

Location – Multiple Outlets

Curly Tales Recommends – Fish Mango Curry

Cost for Two – AED 120

Credits: Calicut Paragon Facebook