5 Surprising Things About Dubai You Probably Never Knew

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Surprising Things About Dubai You Probably Never Knew

Think you know it all about Dubai? Well, maybe you do. While you might be well-aware about Dubai’s metro, the pristine skyline, the tourist attractions and much more, little would you know what the city was like back then! From transportation to money, roads and tourist attractions, here’s what has changed in Dubai over the years.

1. Taxis

Back then, there was no Uber or Ola and Dubai taxis were not as fancy as the ones we see speeding down the roads today. The taxis had meters, so one would have to fix a rate before hiring the cab and of course, you could bargain. Buses were the only mode of public transport but the payments were directly made to the bus driver Remember, NOL cards came into existence only after the metro was launched.

2. The Good Old Dirham

The one Dirham coin we use now was way bigger back then until the change came in 1995. Also, the 50 fils coin that is currently hexagonal used to be circular, exactly the same size as the one dirham coin. And these were not the only change that existed. Back in 1973, we also had 1, 5, 10 and 25 dirham coins. Maybe, people back then were too strong in math!

3. Entertainment

While Dubai is flooded with a whole lot of theme parks today, back then it only had the humble Wonderland, Magic Planet, and Splash. And in fact, the Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates did not take shape either. Bur Juman mall and Lamcy plaza was the only mall frequented by families. The IMG and Bollywood parks we enjoy today are only recent additions to the city’s entertainment segment.

4. Roundabouts

We are sure motorists feel happier about today’s roundabouts. Earlier, roundabout did exist but was considered a big menace. The lane discipline went haywire every time motorists had to go around roundabouts, causing much havoc on the roads. However, it’s all different and much better now, isn’t it?

5. Skyline

20 years ago, Dubai had no skyline. Thanks to Burj Khalifa, Dubai made a tall and steady start to its gorgeous skyline. And today, you can spot some of the best architectural wonders in the city.