5 Things To Do In Powai

by Nainisha Mehta
5 Things To Do In Powai

Powai is famous for a lot more other than IIT. When you’re bored of hanging out around Bandra or town, head to Powai. This eastern suburb has a charm of its own. From adventure to great views, Powai has a lot to offer. 

1. Get Adventurous At Hakone! 

If you’re in the mood for some adventure inside the city, Powai’s Hakone is where you should be. Get all the F1 Race vibes at the 200m go-karting track or battle on the field with paintball guns. Not enough? How about some car-dashing? Hakone offers a range of activities for adults and children, alike. For the hungry souls, the Foodie Galore houses few stalls to satiate all your cravings!        

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Go-Karting at Hakone, Powai.
Go-Karting at Hakone, Powai. Source: mapio.net

2. Sit By Powai Lake & Watch The Beautiful Sunset

Marine Drive is not the only sun-set spot for this city. The tranquillity of Powai Lake, the clean walking track around it, the Powai Garden and the rich flora and fauna attract a lot of visitors. Besides the sunset, you can also get a glimpse of some diverse animal and plant species. The lake is known to be a home to a number of crocodiles that can be spotted from the shore, one can also spot doves, purple-rumped sunbirds, and small-blue kingfisher among other birds. In front of you is the serene lake and behind stands the beautiful Hiranandani Complex. A perfect place for nature and urbane to unite! 

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Powai Lake
The Beautiful View of The Powai Lake. Source:makemytrip

3. Attain Nirvana

The city-life can take a toll on you and one can’t always head to the mountains to find peace. If and when the day comes, all your answers lie within the heart of the city. Living up to its name, Powai’s Nirvana Park is where you’ll find calm and that too 4 acres of it. Lush greenery, cobbled paths, a pond with plenty of fish and tall trees giving ample of shade – you’re transported to a new land. Machans, bridges over ponds and cute installations inside the park, Nirvana is refreshing and is exactly where you should be if you want to be in the company of nature and some peace. 

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nirvana park
Peddle Boats on the Artificial Lake in Nirvana Park, Powai

4. Gobble Up & Shop At Galleria

Powai has a number of fine-dining and budget places and scouring through them all may be difficult in just one visit. However, Powai’s Galleria is where you can find plenty of options under one roof. And let me tell you, all of them serve delicious food! Drink up and play Jenga at Hoppipola or relish in the double egg roll at Hangla’s. Enjoy scrumptious Bengali food at Bhojohori Manna or gorge on tandoori kebabs at Kareem’s. In the mood for some oriental? China House and Shaolin can help you. The Galleria Shopping Centre is a one-stop-shop for all food lovers. If you’re looking for dining with style, Central Avenue and Hiranandani Gardens is where you’ll find all the chic joints. 

Galleria, Powai
Galleria Shopping Mall has several food options! Source: magicbricks.com

5. Drink With A View

We all know that to get a spectacular view of the city or the sea we’ll have to dine at InterContinental’s Dome or book a room at the Trident or Taj. They may sound tempting, but not affordable. Thus, you have Breeze. It’s where one can head to if they want to drink up and get a beautiful view of this township and the lake. Breeze is an all-vegetarian lounge, but that should not stop you from booking a table here. You’ll certainly feel the chilly breeze at this open-air restaurant. It’s a perfect date place too! 

City view from Breeze, Powai. Source: liveinstyle.com

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