5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Weekend Fun In Bengaluru

by Akriti Seth
5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Weekend Fun In Bengaluru

Bengaluru!! The weekend is here and I am sure you’re in a dilemma of what to do this time. You have a vast number of options in our city with pleasant weather throughout the year, vibrant and fun nightlife and dining scenes. No one will ever be disappointed with weekend options in this city.

I know Bengaluru is overwhelming when it comes to weekend options but I am here to make your lives simpler. So, I’ve got this list for you. Try any of this and thank me later. Oh! Let me add to this that you can enjoy all of this with your bae as well. So how to spend a romantic weekend? Here you go!

1. Have An Early Morning & Watch The Sun Rise In Hebbal Lake

Get up early and head to this little paradise within the city limits. Situated near Hebbal flyover is the Hebbal Lake where you can click perfect sunrise pictures for that instagram feed of yours (*winks*). But giving you a heads up there, that only a small portion of the lake is open for the public.

Take a brilliant view of this lake from the top of Hebbal Flyover or bring along a frisbee to play. Bird watchers! You will love this place because of a large number of trees housing a lot of pretty birds.

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Picture Credit: Shyamal

2. Take A Royal Walk In The Majestic Bangalore Palace

Often compared to the Windsor Castle, the Bangalore Palace is an architectural marvel that stands amidst the bustling surroundings. The Palace was constructed back in 1862 and now serves as a venue for private parties in the ballroom.

It is a beautiful structure with lovely windows and towering turrets. Its a must visit in the city of Bengaluru.

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3. Read A Book Or Have A Lovely Breakfast Near Ulsoor Lake

This is an early morning spot in the city with a scenic Ulsoor Lake surrounded by lush green trees. Grab your yoga mat, book or just some coffee in thermos and head here for a relaxed morning (with or without bae). It is surrounded by a number of eateries and street-food stalls. 

Okay, if you’re please do go to Urban Solace which overlooks the lake and have the English Breakfast there. I used to do this all the time when I was in college.

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Picture Credits: Flickr/ SilverBlu3

4. Bird Watching At The Secret Lake At Thattekere

One huge lake, a tiny temple of Mahadeeshwara, some watch towers and lots of birds.

Thattekere lake is about 60 Kms from Bengaluru, towards south beyond the Bannerghetta National Park. This is a very less explored location. One can spot a number of birds like Kites, Storks, Kingfishers etc.

The lake looks beautiful as the sun rises above it, so if possible get there before sunrise. Don’t forget to carry some food and water as there are no facilities for such around.

5. Enjoy The Night Sky In Skyye, UB City

Look at the concrete jungle light up at night from the top most floor of the UB City mall. Skyye is an upscale, modern rooftop bar with a vibrant scene offering global dishes and inventive cocktails on the 16th Floor of UB City.

You can chose to sit in the centre with illuminated floor and sip on your drinks or head to a more casual space (best to cosy up with the love) surrounding the bar.

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Happy weekend! Lovely people and now, the night is calling.

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