5 UNESCO Heritage Sites Across UAE You Need To Visit Right Now

by Deeplata Garde
5 UNESCO Heritage Sites Across UAE You Need To Visit Right Now

UNESCO’s major goal is to provide world peace and security through the mediums of educational, cultural and historical value. UNESCO cultural sites in the UAE, designated as protected zones, are a key draw for visitors and inhabitants seeking a look into the country’s rich past. Similar to other countries, UAE also has a set of spots designated as UN World Heritage Sites. The ones on the tentative list are also included.

Top 5 Unesco Heritage Sites Of UAE

1. Jebel Hafit, Al Ain

Launched in February 2020, the capital’s newest attraction was shut amid the covid-19 pandemic. Located at the foot of Jebel Hafit Mountain, the attraction offers a range of adventurous outdoor activities. It also boasts archaeological remains dating back 8,000 years. While every attraction at the park is special and different, the most notable is its 5,000-year-old beehive tombs some of the most famous archaeological remains in the UAE.

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2. Al Ain Oasis

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a 4,000-year-old village in the centre of the Rub al Khali desert. It is the largest oasis in the region, covering 1,200 hectares. Al-Ain has several famous points but this one is also recognised by the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization for its biodiversity and cultural heritage significance. It’s also one of the UAE’s many popular oases.

3. Wadi Wurayah

The UAE’s first mountain nature reserve was recently featured in the country’s preliminary list of Unesco World Heritage Site proposals. Wadi Wurayah is now a signatory to an international convention on wetlands protection and sustainable usage. The Wadi Wurayah is the UAE’s sole perennial waterfall, and it is home to a huge number of endangered flora and animals

4. Sabkha

Abu Dhabi’s coastal sabkha, or flat salt-encrusted plain, nestles on the Arabian Gulf’s southern shore. Because of their completeness, size, and geological investigation, the sabkha comes up as some of the most unusual known in the world.

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5. Julfar

The primitive town of Ras Al Khaimah calls itself Julfar. An archaeological site that goes back to the 14th century, marks a key turning point in the region. Julfar is Gulf’s sole port with access to Southeast Arabia. You can find the records in historical records as a result of the Iranian and Mesopotamian ability to secure the region.

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