5 Ways In Which Bosch Is Perfect For The Working Mother

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Ways In Which Bosch Is Perfect For The Working Mother

A working mother has a very complicated life. From waking up at 6 AM to get the baby ready for school, to changing into fresh nightwear at the end of the day, she always has to stay on her feet trying to keep everything good as new and clean. No matter how perfectly things are done, whether it is preparing breakfast for the kids or riding through the city during work hours, it’s a difficult task. But wouldn’t it be easier if she had appliances that would wash and dry clothes with ease? That’s where Bosch Washers & Dryers come in! Making life easier for all since decades, Bosch helps a working mother get done with house chores in no time that automatically enhances the quality of life. Here are 5 ways in which Bosch is perfect for the working mother –

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1. Protects New Garments

A working mother is always worried about her new clothes being damaged. But that’s not the case with Bosch. Bosch Washers & Dryers protect your new garments and leave them looking new for a long time and enhance their life unlike any other washing machine. So now you’ll be able dress up in your new garments over and over again even after washing!

2. Food Stains? No Problem! 

Where there are babies, there has to be food spillage. Whether they are eating cereal at breakfast or enjoying a piece of cake after dinner, soiling of clothes is unavoidable. But Bosch comes to the rescue. They have Front Loading and Top Loading washing machines that will wash soiled clothes in no time. Result? Clean and fresh smelling clothes without wasting any time!

3. On A Budget? Bosch Is Here To Help

Not only saving up on time, Bosch also uses minimal electricity and energy to get the work done. As they say, 20% less energy in 65% less time, now that’s great math! It’s eco-friendly, sturdy, efficient and economical too!

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3. Quiet As A Mouse

One of the most crucial things in a household with a baby is ‘you’re not supposed to wake up the baby’ rule. With the noise and vibrations of a regular washing machine, that poor baby’s beauty sleep might get disturbed. But with Bosch, that’s not a problem at all. Bosch runs on an EcoSilence Drive motor that is durable, powerful and yet quieter than a normal conversation.

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4. Hypoallergenic

Kids and allergies go hand in hand. They play in the mud, run around with pet animals and even mingle with kids at school and that can result in a lot of allergies. But Bosch washes away allergens in one wash. What you’ll be left with are clean clothes and a happy, healthy kid. What else does a mom need?

5. Bosch Gets Rid Off Mud Stains

Monsoons in India is never good news. Mud stains and white clothes are never a good combination. And a working mother always needs to stay on top of her game with her outfit. But that isn’t always possible when you’re out on a shoot during the monsoon. With Bosch, you can pop your clothes in the washer and within 15 minutes, get them clean and white again.


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