50% Off, Online Booking & More; Dubai Taxi Unveils New Services For People Of Determination

Breaking Barriers: Dubai's inclusive Taxi Service for People of Determination.

by Deeplata Garde
50% Off, Online Booking & More; Dubai Taxi Unveils New Services For People Of Determination

Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and progress, takes another stride towards inclusivity in its dynamic transport landscape. Beyond the well-established public transport system, Dubai embraces diversity with a variety of taxi services and ride-hailing apps, ensuring swift and efficient city exploration. Now, a groundbreaking initiative emerges, catering specifically to the people of determination community, further solidifying Dubai’s commitment to accessibility for all.

A Nifty Solution for Enhanced Accessibility For People Of Determination

For individuals within the people of determination community or those with partially disabled loved ones, a revolutionary solution has arrived. The Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) proudly introduces a new feature allowing direct booking of taxis through the DTC application. This advancement marks a pivotal moment, making transportation more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

The ‘Special Wheel for a Special Need’

Enter the “People of Determination Taxi service,” a testament to Dubai’s dedication to inclusivity. This service goes beyond conventional transportation; it’s a tailored experience with a primary focus on travel comfort. The vehicles, easily distinguishable by their size, red rooftop, and adorned with a special needs blue icon logo on the side passenger doors and back window, are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the people of the determination community.

Booking Convenience and Special Discounts

Accessibility is at the forefront of this service. Individuals within the People of Determination community can seamlessly reserve these highly sophisticated vehicles via the Dispatch Centre for all their destination needs within the UAE. What’s more, this dedicated taxi service comes with an exclusive 50 percent discount on rides for qualifying individuals. The process is streamlined through the DTC application, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Transparent Fare Structure:

Understanding the importance of transparency, the fare structure for these dedicated taxis is as follows:

Base Fare: AED 8
Per KM Rate: AED 2.23
Ports Base Fare: AED 25
Per KM Rate: AED 2.23

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Simple Qualification Process For Dubai Taxi For People Of Determination

Availing of the discount is a straightforward process – individuals need to sign up for their SANAD Card, distributed by the Community Development Authority. This card not only unlocks the benefits of discounted rides but also symbolizes Dubai’s commitment to inclusivity and accessible transportation for everyone.

Cover Image Courtesy: DTC/Website

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