6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits China’s Gansu & Qinghai Provinces; 116 Died, Almost 400 Injured

A massive quake struck China's Gansu & Qinghai provinces on Monday night.

by Shreya Ghosh
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits China’s Gansu & Qinghai Provinces; 116 Died, Almost 400 Injured

Just sometime before the clock struck midnight, some parts of China witnessed a strong and scary earthquake on Monday. It was a severe quake of 6.2 magnitude that jolted in the Gansu and Qinghai provinces of Northwest China. It was 11:59 PM on December 18, 2023, when the earthquake with a depth of 10 KM hit the affected regions on Monday night. Here are all the details of the massive tremors felt by China last night.

Over 100 Lost Their Lives; Around 400 Faced Injuries

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Nitesh rathore (@niteshr813) shared some details of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

About 116 people have died following the massive earthquake. 105 people lost their lives in the Gansu province according to the latest data from around 7:50 AM, as per the local authorities. Another 11 died in the Qinghai province, according to a report by the Global Times. After the tremors jolted the mountain areas in northwest China, many lives were affected terribly. Hundreds of people faced horrible injuries last night. Almost 397 people suffered from injuries, according to a report by Hindustan Times.

uthwalbaava (@MehrGulFraz) shared some updates about the incident.

The epicentre of the earthquake was around 102 km west-southwest of Lanzhou. The strong tremors caused massive damage and destruction in different areas of the affected provinces in China on Monday night. Houses broke down with parts collapsing badly. Debris and broken parts on the ground and floors can be seen in many videos surfacing online. Several infrastructures also suffered damage due to last night’s natural calamity. From the pictures and videos going viral on social media platforms, it can be seen how the people witnessed a frightening time after the earthquake. Leaving all their belongings in their houses, they escaped to save their lives.

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Here Are More Details About The China Earthquake

Eliteworld (@eliteworldwaves) shared some information about the tremors jolting Jishishan County.

Not only the earthquake of 6.2 magnitude was recorded about 102 KM west-southwest of Lanzhou, the capital of the Gansu province, but there were aftershocks too. The USGS reported that there were some aftershocks as well. China Central Television stated that it was a thrust-type rupturing earthquake. Sadly, there was another earthquake last night as well. The affected location for the second one was Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to a report by India Today. The early hours of Tuesday saw 9 aftershocks at a magnitude 3 and some were even more than this.

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Sheeza Aslam (@MoeeniT) shared a video of the rescue operation.

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The rescue operations began right after the earthquake hit the Gansu and Qinghai provinces. Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, instructed about the rescue efforts so that more and more people could be saved. Proper efforts and operations took place to save people from the traumatic surroundings. Rescue personnel reached the affected regions and began the task.

We are disheartened reading about such a terrible loss. Praying for everyone’s safety!

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Eliteworld (@eliteworldwaves), X (formerly Twitter)/ Sheeza Aslam (@MoeeniT) 

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