6 Best Homegrown Blended Whiskies Under ₹900 To Savour Elegance On A Budget

by Mallika Khurana
6 Best Homegrown Blended Whiskies Under ₹900 To Savour Elegance On A Budget

In the colourful world of Indian blended whiskies, where flavours dance with affordability, a treasure trove of options awaits discerning budget-conscious whisky enthusiasts. These whiskies, all priced under ₹900 rupees, offer a delightful fusion of quality and value, proving that you don’t have to compromise on your whisky experience when watching your wallet. From the smooth and caramel-kissed Royal Ranthambore to the oak-kissed charm of Oaksmith, each of these homegrown gems tells a unique story with every sip. Join us on a spirited journey through the enticing realm of budget-friendly homegrown blended whiskies.

Homegrown Blended Whiskies

1. Royal Ranthambore

Royal Ranthambore
Photo Credits: Royal Ranthambore/Website

Renowned for its inviting smoothness and approachable character, Royal Ranthambore boasts a golden hue with a captivating amber tint. It comes alive with warm and intense orchard fruit aromas, followed by sweet floral notes and a subtle hint of citrus. With each sip, the palate unravels a rich tapestry of flavours, all wrapped in a subtle hint of spicy peaty smoke. This whisky is a tailored delight for those who appreciate a gentle and easy-drinking experience, making it an excellent choice for both newcomers to whisky and those seeking an affordable daily sipper.

Cost: approx. ₹675 for 180ml

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2. Rockford

Photo Credits: Rockford/Website

A masterful blend of Indian grain spirits and Scottish malts, Rockford is celebrated for its mellow and effortlessly approachable nature. It offers a medium-full aroma with a subtle hint of oak, while the taste is a balanced medley of citrus and oak, delivering a satisfying texture. Its appearance, rich and full of gold, reflects the clarity and brightness that define it. The finish is a testament to its well-balanced nature.

Cost: approx. ₹675 for 375ml

3. Antiquity Blue

Antiquity Blue
Photo Credits: Press Release

Antiquity Blue has secured its place as a favourite among budget-conscious whisky enthusiasts, with its inviting antique gold colour adding to its allure. This blend boasts a pronounced malt and rich wood aroma, complemented by a hint of peat and heather. The finish is velvety smooth, long, and meticulously crafted, making it a blend worth indulging in. 

Cost: approx. ₹760 for 375ml

4. Oaksmith

Photo Credits: Oaksmith/Website

As its name suggests, Oaksmith places a spotlight on the influence of oak ageing. It exhibits a vibrant gold hue with rich amber tones and greets the nose with a gentle sweetness of grain. The palate is clean and mild, adorned with hints of peat and the woody embrace of oak. The finish layers in a delightful blend of spice and peat, leaving a clean and beautiful impression. 

Cost: approx. ₹470 for 375ml

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5. Blenders Pride

Homegrown Blended Whiskies
Photo Credits: Pernod Ricard/Website

Blenders Pride is an iconic name in the realm of budget-friendly Indian blended whiskies. With a leafy nose and hints of peat, it delivers a fruity aroma. With a hint of sweetness, the palate is full-bodied, smooth, and buttery. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for mixing in cocktails, where it can shine while maintaining its affordability and appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Cost: approx. ₹725 for 375ml

6. Highbury Classic

Homegrown Blended Whiskies
Photo Credits: Highbury Classic/Instagram

The Highbury Classic is celebrated for its affordability and straightforward character. It welcomes the palate with grain, caramel biscuits, hints of berries, and a touch of peat. On the palate, you’ll discover notes of raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla, all gracefully rounded off with oakwood. The finish is a harmonious blend of honey, smoke, and a pleasant, lingering peppery note. Its light and approachable character make it an ideal choice for casual sipping, whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water.

Cost: approx. ₹850 for 750ml

These homegrown blended whiskies, all priced under ₹900, offer a diverse array of flavours and experiences, catering to different preferences and budgets. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Highland Classic/Instagram