6 Best Underwater Museums Across The Globe

by Shreya Ghosh
6 Best Underwater Museums Across The Globe

If you are enthusiastic to know about marine life and what really happens in the underwater ecosystem, exploring underwater museums is the best idea. These places are also very interesting for people fascinated to know and learn about archaeological ruins and adventurous tourists to try water activities. Underwater museums are a whole package of tons of experiences and it is now your time to explore one.

Most Stunning Underwater Museums In The World

1. INS Cuddalore

Pondicherry is the home of the first underwater museum in India. INS Cuddalore has been converted into this beautiful museum that opens the door to lots of adventures and memorable experiences. The Indian Navy came together with the Government of India, the National Institute of Ocean Technology, the National Center for Coastal Research, and NGO PondyCan to build this museum. From scuba diving to snorkelling, you get to experience underwater activities here.

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2. Shipwreck Trail, Florida

Shipwreck Trail transports you to a world of history with the old shipwrecks. Exploring the national marine sanctuary is an impeccable experience witnessing the scattered shipwrecks in between shallows. From exploring maritime heritage resources to sites to the trail, this place has a lot of stories to tell.

3. Baia Underwater Park, Italy

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Nestled to the north of Naples, Baia Underwater Park needs to be on your itinerary while travelling to Italy. From the ruins of the seaside resort for rich Romans to marble sculptures, there are loads to see here. With the help of instructors, visitors can even do scuba diving and snorkelling. 

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4. Herod’s Harbor, Israel

Situated 20 feet down the sea level, Herod’s Harbor is the home to 36 exhibits and 4 trails. Starting back in 2006, visitors get to witness anchors, columns of marble, shipwrecks, and a lot more here from the Phoenician and Byzantine eras. Also, divers can explore the trails here. 

5. Museum of Underwater Art, Australia

First Underwater Museum
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Nestled near Townsville, the Museum of Underwater Art is a magnificent sight to witness. Starting in 2020, this underwater museum showcases the most beautiful underwater art installations. This is the perfect place to see sculptures created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and know about the Great Barrier Reef.

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6. The Underwater Museum Of Cannes, France

This is a brand-new museum in France that showcases the submerged ecological world of installations and sculptures. The experience of visiting here is unbelievable with special arts. 

If you love museums, you surely need to add these underwater museums to your bucket list.

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