6 Diwali Markets In India Where You Can Go For Festive Shopping!

by Shreya Rathod
6 Diwali Markets In India Where You Can Go For Festive Shopping!

With unmatched enthusiasm and grandeur, India commemorates Diwali, the festival of lights. One of the best parts of preparing for Diwali is shopping in vibrant marketplaces that come alive with hues, lights, and an array of festive products. Thomas Cook and SOTC Travel have put together a list of popular Diwali markets in India that showcase the vibrant ethnic diversity of the nation.

6 Diwali Markets In India

1. Sarojini Market In Delhi

Sarojini Market
Credits: Flickr/ Prato9x

Shopping in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Market is enthralling as the vibrant tapestry of Diwali celebrations comes to life. For buyers, this bustling market—which is renowned for its distinctive fusion of modern and traditional clothing—becomes a shopping haven. Delhi has a wide range of options, from colourful décor to glittering ethnic clothing, to suit every taste and budget. In the midst of the mayhem, the market’s lively atmosphere, complete with flashing lights and festive vibes, makes for the perfect backdrop for a happy Diwali shopping binge.

2. Johari Bazaar In Jaipur

johari bazaar jaipur
Credits: Flickr/ Olga

Tucked deep in the heart of Jaipur, Johari Bazaar becomes a dazzling canvas during Diwali, enticing customers with its charm. Known as the ‘Jeweller’s Market,’ it is a cheerful exhibition of handicrafts, vibrant textiles, and traditional Rajasthani jewellery. Due to its Festive goods, which blend beautiful craftsmanship with the spirit of celebration, the market is a must-visit place for anybody looking for a true Rajasthani experience and unique items to brighten their Diwali celebrations.

3. Crawford Market In Mumbai

crawford market
Credits: Wikimedia

Due to its large assortment of goods, Mumbai’s Crawford Market became well-known as a busy Diwali destination. Known for its historic elegance, the market is today a flurry of happy activity. Crawford Market is a famous destination for both locals and tourists, offering everything from traditional Indian sweets to wholesale Diwali decorations. The lively atmosphere, adorned with sparkling lights, lends a touch of magic to the Diwali shopping experience, creating memorable moments right in the middle of Mumbai.

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4. Rani No Hajiro In Ahmedabad

ahmedabad market
Credits: Flickr/ Sudhamshu Hebbar

Rani No Hajiro in Ahmedabad transforms into a cultural paradise around Diwali, offering a unique blend of brightness and tradition. The market is recognised for its fine selection of traditional jewellery, textiles, and handicrafts and takes on a festive feel. A spectrum of colours and intricate patterns greet shoppers for Diwali, creating an immersive atmosphere. The delightful fragrances of traditional Gujarati dishes heighten the festive ambience, making it a must-visit place for those looking for an authentic and instructive Diwali shopping experience in Ahmedabad.

5. Hazratganj In Lucknow

Hazratganj market
Credits: Flickr/ Anannya Deb

Hazratganj, Lucknow, exudes royal grandeur around Diwali and transforms into a royal shopping destination. Known for its exquisite Chikankari needlework and traditional Nawabi apparel, the market has turned into a sophisticated and jovial tangle. Hazratganj is a destination for anyone wanting to add a little refinement to their holiday outfits. Moreover, patrons are awestruck by the opulent assortment of royal accessories and ethnic clothing. Set against the timeless backdrop of the market’s medieval passageways, decorated with lights and cultural charm, a superb Diwali shopping experience is provided.

6. Topkhana Market In Bhopal

topkhana market Diwali Markets India
Credits: Wikimedia (Rep Img)

Topkhana Market in Bhopal is a prime example of the city’s Diwali majesty, luring patrons with an extensive array of celebratory treats. The market is well recognised for its extensive assortment of Diwali essentials, as well as for its intricately designed clay lamps, traditional clothing, and vibrant décor. Bhopal’s colourful ambience makes it a must-visit site during Diwali. A rich trove of traditional crafts can be found while delving into Madhya Pradesh’s cultural diversity in Bhopal.

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These cities are windows into the heart and soul of the country, not merely places to shop. Step into the bustling markets in India to add the charm of the country’s rich cultures to your Diwali festivities.

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr/ Choo Yut Shing

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