6 Excuses To Give When You Just Want To Stay In

by Kritika Kukreja
6 Excuses To Give When You Just Want To Stay In

We’ve all been there. Consumed by peer pressure and longing for the cash in our wallets. But we all have friends that might end up picking fine dining restaurants when we can’t afford it. But you can’t always tell them the truth, right? Although, they might be genuine enough to offer to pay for you, but why would you want to unnecessarily burden a friend? But don’t you worry, we’ve got some excellent (read – believable) excuses that you can use next time you can’t afford to go out to an expensive restaurant with your friends.

1. The Reviews Aren’t Too Good

If you’re planning to go to a high-end place, the food should be decent enough. If you casually slip up some bad reviews regarding the place, like your cousin got food poisoning after eating the lasagna out there. Once your friends hear this, they might want to reconsider their plans for spending so much on a restaurant that might cause problems in their digestion.

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2. It Brings Back Bad Memories 

Another excellent excuse to give your friends is that the restaurant or the particular cuisine brings bad memories. Like you would eat there with your ex who cheated on you or that you had a massive fight with a best friend while you were there.

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3. You’ve Burned Your Tongue

Here’s another top-notch excuse to use when you can’t afford a luxury restaurant. You tell them that you burned your tongue on hot coffee and now you can’t taste delicious food. Nobody is going to force you to come to a fancy place when your taste buds aren’t functioning well. Viola! That’s sorted for you.

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4. You’re Cooking Instead

When you know your friends might plan a visit to a high-end eatery, you can suggest that you’d cook for them instead. A home cooked meal and a light house party is always welcomed as opposed to a fine dining restaurant where everyone needs to be on their best behavior.

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5. You Don’t Eat That Anymore

Another great idea is to tell your friends that you’re on a specific diet which doesn’t allow you to eat what they’re planning. That’s super easy. You come out as super health conscious and your pocket doesn’t burn a hole either.

6. You’ve Got A Stomach Infection

Now that’s just perfect. None of your friends will throw shade on you for ditching on a restaurant if you’re not keeping well. You can simply tell them that you’re avoiding eating outside while you’re recovering.

Eating at a high-end restaurant can’t always be good for your pocket. But an excuse from the mentioned ones could cover you when you’re certainly in desperate need to save on some bucks.

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