6 Lesser-Known Hill Stations Near Goa That’ll Surprise You

by Sanmita A
6 Lesser-Known Hill Stations Near Goa That’ll Surprise You

Goa is a traveller’s dream, and we all have once visited the place or decided to visit it soon. It is a part of all of our bucket lists. The greenery, warm sea air, chilled vibes, and incredible people give one the reason to visit Goa once in a lifetime and experience a vacation here.

Lesser-Known Hill Stations Near Goa That’ll Surprise You

1. Agumbe

They say, Agumbe is the Cherrapunji of the South, which means it receives a lot of rainfall. Agumbe also has a lot of cobras and is often referred to as the Cobra Capital of India. You can witness the cobras even while driving or passing by if you’re lucky.

2. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is known for being the coffee cultivator initially. While visiting the place, you can witness the beautiful coffee plantations and the lush green hills. So, if you wish to be in a quieter place and not by the sea partying, Chikmagalur can be your safe space.

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3. Dandeli

Dandeli is an offbeat tourist destination, and you won’t find it on everyone’s wish list. But you will be surprised by the kind of experience that Dandeli offers. You might even find your inner child come out while in there. Well, yes, it’s that impactful. So, don’t think much and head to Dandeli for a weekend instead of the Goa beaches.

4. Lavasa

With the touch of an Italian town, Portofino is exactly the reason why you should visit the place. Lavasa is everything during the monsoon, and it is exactly where you should be now and not in Goa.

5. Kudremukh

Kudremukh has everything that you need for a fun weekend. There is a wildlife sanctuary, peaks, waterfalls, cave shrines, and so much more. This hill station is a delight for mountain lovers. Apart from visiting the different places, you can also trek through the Kudremukh National Park to spot wildlife as well as for some camping!

6. Coorg

Coorg is a famous hill station but is also near to Goa. Coorg has its own magic, owing to which visitors can think of a second visit too. The hills are charming, and most all, it has all the quiet that people from the cities come in search of. Well, watch out because one visit won’t be enough to soak in the beauty of Coorg.

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