6 Reasons Why Your UAE Visa Can Be Rejected

by Saniya
6 Reasons Why Your UAE Visa Can Be Rejected

So you had a friend whose UAE visit visa was rejected, and you are now nervous applying? Worry not! UAE visa applications are a pretty simple process, and they are often recurring reasons when visas are rejected. So what are the conditions to be taken care of and visa pitfalls to be avoided? We tell you some of the common reasons.

1. Passport Formats

UAE doesn’t accept your old handwritten passwords. So if you intend to apply for a UAE visa with a handwritten one, it’s a big no! You must get a computerized one before applying for a UAE visa to make sure your application isn’t rejected for this reason.

UAE Visa rejection
(Credits: Passport Solutions)

2. Previous Criminal Records

Visa Applicants with past criminal records can have trouble applying for visas. So you must avoid having criminal records at all costs, be it in UAE or your home country. Pretty obvious, right! But it’s often an essential factor in visa application rejections.

3. Typing Errors

Another obvious one! Make sure your visa application is foolproof and free of typing errors. So make sure you have not mixed up the numbers in your passport or typed a new alphabet while writing your name.

UAE Visa application

4. Faulty Image Specifications

Visa Applications always have image specifications for the photos you submit. So make sure your photo is a recent one, and it meets all those requirements. From background specification to making sure the images are of the right size and not blurred out. We hate to see it!

5. Previously Held Visa Issues

Now, if you are someone who has visited the UAE before you might be familiar with the rules. If you have applied for a UAE tourist visa or a business visa and not entered the country, this will be a problem. So call up your agent’s PRO and let them know that they have to head to the immigration and get it cleared. The same applies to residence visa holders who have not canceled their visas before heading out of the country.

6. You Are A Female Aged Under 22

If you are not traveling with a guardian, the visa authorities can reject your visa. This is because of stringent precautionary policies in the case of ‘Human Trafficking.’ So if you are traveling alone, you may want to look for a relative to accompany you to avoid the visa hassles.

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